Gifts for Him and Her


You can almost never go wrong with a sweater.  They are so comfy and they don’t really take too much effort to pick out.  You also don’t need to understand fashion if you are dating a fashionista.  She can easily take a regular black sweater and accessorize, or if you want you can just buy her a statement necklace.  Shopbop has the cutest elephant accessories.  Elephants are my favorite animal, so maybe ask the woman you are buying for (nonchalantly of course lol) what her favorite animal is.  Then if you are really stumped on a gift, just get her something with her favorite animal whether it be a keychain or home decor.  Now, I don’t know about all of the other women out there, but after the holidays when I’m done eating I’m ready to get comfy.  That’s why these joggers are the perfect gift.  Maybe the woman you are buying a gift for likes to entertain.  These coasters are the perfect gift.  Shopbop has so many, but lately the marble look has definitely been trending.  You can always go the traditional route and grab some cute jewelry.  I also love this Tory Burch cosmetics bag.  This is perfect for the girl who loves her makeup.  Whether she been an expert Vlogger, or she’s just testing the waters with different products.  You can also take a look at the stationery section at Shopbop.  They have great books and other products like those Kate Spade sticky notes that would make a great gift for the woman who likes to read and stay organized.
Ok, so now that I got the ladies in your life covered, here
are a few ideas for the men in your life whether it be dad, brother, boyfriend,
etc.  These are all things I would buy
for the men in my life.  A guy can never
have enough pairs of sweatpants or black tshirts.  Especially my boyfriend, he has so many
regular tshirts that are black.  I would
only buy darker colors for him because he’s a mechanic so even when he’s not
working if he sees something is broken even if he is relaxing watching TV he
will fix it.  I guess it’s just in his
nature to do that.  The hat/beanie is
perfect for the winter months up ahead. 
It’s warm now but it is going to get much colder and for those of us up
north you need a hat if you’re a guy with a shaved head. 
Now almost every guy in my life is into tech so getting all
of these weird little gadgets is just the thing for all of them.  My family travels a lot so getting the
adapter kit is perfect.  The USB charger
is even better since my brother lost his charger, and boyfriend always forgets
to charge his phone.  The charger
includes a micro-USB Charging cable and it has a rechargeable lithium
battery.  I thought that LED light (the
ball in the bottom right hand corner) was really awesome.  It’s warm and has a candle like tone with a
sturdy magnetic fastener making it a versatile light for camping in a tent
setting or just reading at home.  It has
up to 70 hours of light and takes 3AAA batteries (not included).  Speaking of candle like things, I love this
candle.  Just that fact that it’s called
a super normal candle is awesome. 
Candles can be so girly but guys like to light candles too, without
having their home smell like gingerbread men, unless they like that smell but
most guys I know don’t.  Last but
definitely not least (at least my boyfriend would argue this) the Tim Burton book.  It talks about his career and
being the youngest of Hollywood’s most successful directors.  He started by working as an animator for
Disney and then he branched off with his own. 
He is known for strange being normal and this would be the perfect book
for any Tim Burton fan.
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