Purple Wants and Needs!

Since this week’s theme is Epilepsy Awareness I wanted to
put together a few purple pieces that I’m lusting over.  I wanted to put a mix of everything for those
of you who love a little bit of variety. 
How cute are these Stance socks?  Now with the colder weather I’m wearing socks all the time.  I also need long socks instead of ankle socks because I’m wearing boots and am I the only one who has their ankle socks fall off my foot in my boot since they aren’t long enough?  Moving on to some more foot wear.  These Casadei pumps are to die for!  I love the structure of the shoe in the back.  I feel like it gives a whole new twist on your regular pump.  Plus I don’t really have too many pointy toed shoes so this would definitely be a new thing in my closet.
I’m loving this whole relaxed fit trend that has been going on for the past few years.  It makes dressing up so much more comfortable.  This sweatshirt dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the color.  It can be worn with so many different things and you can dress it up or down.  I always love a versatile piece that can be worn many different ways.  Now, let’s talk about this cut out turtleneck.  Since we are talking about comfort and chicness I needed to add this to my list of things to lust for.  I love that it’s comfortable and pretty casual but those cut outs make it such an interesting piece.  
As for the not so needed pieces, just the “I want” pieces let’s talk about this purple Moschino belt.  I would maybe buy this in a black or nude color, but it is really gorgeous.  The purple color is beautiful but not very practical.  I really wouldn’t be able to wear this with too many pieces in my closet.  I love Missoni and I love a good shoulder bag, but this one in particular is a trendy piece.  I absolutely love the color and shape though.  Maybe I could splurge on this one?  
As for accessories I have so so so many sunglasses in my possession, some brand names and some that I bought for a few bucks.  However, these Illesteva sunnies are just so gorgeous.  I know that they are quite the splurge but I can’t help but fall in love with them!  Last but definitely not least, the hinge bracelet is one of my favorites.  I wear a lot of bracelets and bangles because I have tattoos on my wrists so that’s how I cover them up at work, and I mean I love a good arm candy stack.  The hinge bracelets are easy to wear and a lot of them have some really awesome shapes and colors like this one.  It would be perfect for an awesome bracelet stack!

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