Simple Mani Tutorial


Another simple manicure tutorial today!  I wanted to start doing some simple manicures
along with my extravagant ones. 
Especially since these tutorials are somewhat easy.  For this mani, all you need are two colors,
your base and top coat, and a makeup sponge that you can cut in half. 
I used Sally Hansen’s Grease Lightning and Just a regular
white polish.  I honestly bought the gray
just because it was called Grease Lightning. 
Well, unfortunately for me I actually dropped the polish and was only
able to salvage the bottle enough to use it for one mani.

Ok, so first things first. 
You are going to need to use Sally Hansen’s Maximum Strength as your
base coat.  For every finger except the
ring finger you will use the gray color. 
Paint your ring finger white.

Take your makeup sponge and cut it in half.  You’ll need to do this so that you get more
of a textured look.  Put the gray polish
on the sponge, but just lightly dab it on. 
Then take the sponge and lightly dab the sponge so that you get the
textured look rather than just blobs on your nail.  I repeated this two times.

Once the nails are done drying I used my OPI top coat.  If you noticed last week’s nail art (here)post
I decided to test out the coffin nail shape trend.  My nails aren’t long enough to do the full
effect, but I did a smaller coffin nail shape. 
I think I might stick with this for a little bit because I’ve had
rounded nails for a few months now.  I
need a change every once in a while.



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