Simple Nail Art Tutorial

I feel like I’m always posting these nail art designs that a lot of people tell me look like they are really hard.  I also get the “I would never be able to do that on myself” type of comments.  I decided that I wanted to start doing some manicures that are easier than what I normally post.  Pretty much, I’m going to start doing some simple manicures.  Not all of them will be that way because of the holidays coming up, but at least for your everyday mani you can do it yourself.  Below is the tutorial for today’s nail art design.  I free handed the tip but you can easily just grab some french tip tape and it will help those who have trouble free handing.
First, I used my Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat.  Following this, use Almost Almond by Sally Hansen.  Wait for this to dry fully if you are going to be using the french tip tape.  You can also leave your nail alone with just a base coat and have what’s called negative space.
Once you are finished with that part, you can either free hand the french tip or you can use the tape.  I bought mine online but I’ve seen them in Walmart and drug stores.  
Next I used a dotting tool for the dots by the cuticles.  If you don’t want to go out and by a dotting tool you don’t have to.  Just grab a bobby pin and use the ball end of it to dip in nail polish and then dot on your nail.  Then wait a little bit for it to dry and add your topcoat.  I use OPI.  And that’s it!


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