Today is Thanksgiving. 
The day where we give thanks and remind ourselves what we are truly
thankful for in life.  Today is when we sit down and truly think about our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  I’m so thankful for where my life has gone, and especially in the last year.  I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing up.  I’m so thankful that my family and me are healthy and safe along with my boyfriend and his family.  I wrote a post on
my birthday about the 28 things I’m thankful for and I still stick by that
list.  Below is the list and you can
click here for the longer version of this post:
1.  My Parents and brother.
2.  My Boyfriend.
3.  My fur children.
4.  My friends.
5.  My Health.
6.  My Car.
7.  All of the lessons learned.
8.  My first dog.
9.  Family in a foreign country.
10.  Being Multicultural.
11.  My readers.
12.  My blog.
13.  My self taught skills.
14.  Brands.
15.  Blogging Networking.
16.  My good memories.
17.  My bad memories.
18.  Texas.
19.  Ex boyfriends.
20.  Ex friends.
21.  My life.  
22.  Weekends.
23.  Vacations.
24.  My 5 senses.
25.  Coffee and Cheese.
26.  Google.
27.  Giving presents to people.
28.  Music.
Now don’t forget that tomorrow is Black Friday.  Or for some of you who start shopping on
Thanksgiving remember to be kind to retail workers.  I worked in retail for a really long time
before the job I have now and it is extremely hard around the holidays.  The hours, the mess, the customers, and the
overall mood that is set for the holidays, can be draining.  Working in retail for most of my working
career has somewhat almost tarnished my holiday cheer and I still can’t listen
to Christmas music on repeat.  Just
remember that cashier has been standing anywhere from 5 minutes to 9 hours
dealing with a lot of good and bad all day. 
She/he does not make the rules about promotions, coupons, or Black
Friday deals.  She/he had to leave their
family in order to be serving you and your every retail need.  She/he has to pick up and clean that huge
mess that your child just left on the floor. 
Just remember to be nice to the little guy.  No one likes a bully.  Just remember what the holidays are really about and spread that cheer and joy wherever you go.  Your thank you, can go a long way.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and Black Friday y’all!