Winter Dinner/Formal

winter dance

Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3Christian Louboutin heels & pumps / Christian Louboutin red sole shoes,  / Christian Louboutin leopard print shoes, / Dolce Gabbana shoulder bag,  / Elie Saab pink purse / Yves Saint Laurent satchel purse, / Ruth Tomlinson yellow gold earrings,  / Chanel pearl earrings / Bebe flower earrings

It’s almost that time of year, when the holidays creep up
and you have holiday parties/dinners to go to with your work or significant
other’s work.  My job has a dinner every
year where you can bring a significant other and you get a full meal along with
winning prizes.  My first year I won a
prize and everyone said it was because I was wearing red.  I work for an Asian company so red is a good
luck color.  I decided to pull together
three special occasion dresses for a winter formal/dinner.  These affordable winter dresses for Christmas 2015 have their
own personality.  I feel like each look
has a different personality.  You have
classy, red, and the risk taker.  I know
some women who have worn shorter cocktail dresses to a formal work dinner and
have totally rocked the look!
I love long gowns and think they are so pretty, but I’m more
comfortable in cocktail dresses.  The one
all the way to the right is a little shorter than what I would wear but it
would look good on any woman.  I had to
pair it with those shoes because I would probably wear formal booties just
because it is short.  The other two looks
are your typical gown looks where one has leopard print heels and the other one
has nude heels.  All three looks are
completely different.