Body Positivity Post 2 (Guest Post) #JGTHBodyPositivity


It’s Thursday which means I’m going to write another body
positive post.  If you read my first post
regarding this new topic I want to write about on the blog (you can click here
to read it) you know what I’m referring to. 
I haven’t been feeling myself lately and I’m on this new journey to
being happy in my own skin.  Pretty much
I wanted to start talking about being body positive no matter what size or
shape any of you reading are.  Whether
you are a size double zero, plus size, athletic, etc.  This is not meant to target specific body
types, but more so target all women out there who have an issue with their
body.  Now stay tuned after my post to read an article from another blogger, or if you want you can skip until you see the *** and read underneath that!

Now moving on to what I wanted to talk about today.  Being body positive but also being
healthy.  Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE
Taco Bell and junk food of that nature, especially ruffle chips, however lately
I’ve been watching my intake.  The day
that my first post went up regarding body positivity I actually went to the
doctor’s for my annual checkup and he said he was concerned about my
weight.  Apparently I’m not at a healthy
weight and I need to lose at least 10-15 lbs.
I thought I would take this to heart and beat myself up even
more, but honestly I didn’t.  I think it
helped that I knew I just had a blog post go up talking about loving yourself
and your body that I almost felt like a hypocrite if I would’ve thought
negatively.  Who is to say what a healthy
weight is for my height?  Also, that is
going by just weight, it doesn’t go by whether it’s muscle or fat, it doesn’t
measure my BMI or anything like that. 
There’s more to your weight and what is healthy; it’s not just based on
one number.  What if I was a body builder
or something with 5% fat on my body at my weight, would I still be at an
unhealthy weight?
Since that doctor’s visit I have been more motivated to eat
healthier.  Since getting into a
relationship I have gained a few pounds (ok, more like 15lbs) from the late
night snacking, to the junk food, or even our dinners for date night.  Unfortunately for me, the boyfriend’s
metabolism is really fast so he’s skinny even after he eats double what I
eat.  He actually can’t gain weight.  This means that when he’s eating delicious
yummy things five million times (ok, a little exaggeration there haha) I can only
eat a few times a day.  Losing weight is
a lot harder for me, especially when I’m with the boyfriend which is most of my
free time.  The one good thing about this
though, is he’s supportive of whatever I decide to do whether it’s gain another
20 lbs or lose weight and make healthier choices.  He won’t go on a diet, but he does sometimes
hide what he’s eating so that I don’t get tempted.  Isn’t he awesome?
Now when I first started my healthy (healthier) eating I was
really strict and even my mom and brother said that I need to allow myself to
have a little reward here and there.  Of course
don’t have a whole box of cookies, but having half of one or a whole one is
fine, just make sure to take those calories out of a meal.  Once I started allowing myself to have a
reward here and there I noticed it was actually helping me even more.  My job also started a wellness program where
we have fitness trackers provided by the company (I already have a Jawbone Up
24 on the way in pink of course) so now I’m more conscious of making sure I’m
getting up and moving around.  I think
once I know I’m making healthier choices, I’ll feel better both on the inside
and outside. 

But, I must say, I love cheat days.

P.S. If you want to join in on this movement/topic and don’t have a blog just post on Instagram using the hashtag in the title #JGTHBodyPositivity or tag me @JerseyGirlTexanHeart I’d love to read your stories too!


Now, I wanted to introduce another blogger who some of you might find some inspiration from. This whole body positivity thing stems from loving yourself internally and externally. However, I want to also touch base on some more extreme cases that you can find inspirational. Below is just a taste of the article written by a blogger who I went to school with. She talks about a serious time in her life, and her struggles.

If someone told you they had a stroke when they were 27, would you believe them? Or would you roll your eyes at them? Me personally? I would roll my eyes. But I was near there last year, at 5’3” and 200 pounds, I looked like a miserable weeble wobble. Fat, sick, and nearly dying was a massive understatement. My doctor told me if I did not make a change, I would have to be placed on medication to lower my blood pressure, and that’s just what happened. A 27 year old, on two different blood pressure medications is down right bananas. Sure I was hiking frequently, but it just wasn’t good enough, I had to make a change or I would literally die.

So here I am, 50 pounds later still struggling every day but doing it. I’ve ditched the one medication but my Cardiologist (yes I’m 27 and have a Cardiologist) told me I have to stay on the other medication because of the permanent damage I’ve done to my heart muscle with my previous hazardous lifestyle. If I ever want to have a child, I have to consult with her, my primary doctor, and my stomach doctor before I even attempt….awesome.

Many of you have asked how I’ve done it, it seems so amazing to you that I look like a completely different person. I suspect most of it is sincere, but some of it is accusatory. Every mean girl knows that there are many different meanings behind the phrase “wow you’ve lost a lot of weight”, or “you look really skinny how did you do it?” So here it is, my struggle to be strong, you can like it or not, read it or not it doesn’t make a difference to me, I will still keep doing what I’m doing.

To continue reading this article click here!