Body Positivity Post 3: Amy Schumer Outrage #JGTHBodyPositivity


Before you decide not to read this post by the title, there’s
a reason for talking about Amy Schumer today. 
Last week I had quite the uproar on my personal Facebook page regarding
something I shared that had to do with Amy Schumer and Serena Williams.  If you click here, this is the link I’m
referring to.  Now you don’t have to like
either Amy or Serena, you don’t have to like them as a person, you don’t have
to like their sport/comedy, or anything of that nature.  Certain things Amy says are really out there
however, she gets paid to do that.  So,
what is bringing on this discussion?

Someone calling Amy a pig.
Now, I’m not defending Amy or anything like that and
everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 
The reason why I was a little hurt by this was because when the person
explained that it wasn’t just what comes out of Amy’s mouth, but what she also
looks like (body and all) I thought to myself, wow I actually look like her in
the picture, so it’s almost like they are inadvertently calling me a pig.  Something that I shared that was meant to be
inspirational, started a negative discussion. 
Let’s just say that the disagreement between this person along with
myself and everyone who backed me up escalated. 
I’m not one to fight on Facebook, especially if it is regarding people’s
opinions (everyone is ENTITLED to their own, and I encourage people to explain
their opposing argument so I can see it from someone else’s perspective, I’m a
Libra, the scales, and very open to seeing both sides), but when you start
saying your opinion is a fact is when I will approach the discussion
differently.  Saying that Amy looks like
a pig and that this is a fact is just downright mean and cruel.  Even though I’m sure Amy wouldn’t care about
this one comment (I mean did you see the variety of comments when she posted
this on her Instagram?), every girl who looked at this picture and thought wow
this makes me feel like I can embrace my body too saw the cruel comments and
either took it with a grain of salt, or were hurt by this.  In a world where celebrities are extremely
fit or thin, it’s nice to every once in a while see a woman who is the same
size as you, especially since she is definitely flaunting it and owning the
skin that she’s in.  Or a woman who doesn’t
fit the celebrity body norm.
See the thing is, is no one even read the article.  No one saw that Serena Williams is also in
the article doing the same thing as Amy, the only difference is she’s all
muscle because she’s an athlete.  But no
one commented on what she looked like.  Instead
of looking at all of the positives about both photos, there was only one
picture that was focused on and in a negative way.
I shared the article in order to show more body positive
women out there.  I didn’t share it because
I like/dislike either of these women.  I
didn’t share it to be controversial, nor did I share it to have negative
comments.  In my opinion, I don’t have to
like either Amy/Serena to appreciate what they are doing.  I don’t have to watch Tennis, or comedy to
say that this spreads so much body positivity. 
Normally when I see negative comments or offensive things I’ll either
delete the comment or just ignore it, however this time was different.  This time I took it personally.  What Amy looks like in this picture is what I
look like, extra fluff and all.  This
picture, regardless if it was her or a celebrity I really dislike, makes me
want to embrace my body even more.   Even if they did a photoshoot and showed women
of all shapes and sizes, I would embrace my own body.  It takes guts to pose in front of a camera
almost naked, KNOWING that millions of people in the world are going to see
it.  Knowing that everyone will have
their own opinion about it.
With all of this being said, I’d like to say thank you to
the person who commented.  You started a
discussion with many females who stated that this article and picture made them
feel better about themselves.  You gave
these women a voice to stand up for themselves and their bodies.  To the women who read my blog and are
Facebook friends, I’d like to say you are beautiful no matter what.  Thank you for having the courage to talk
about your weight struggle and learn from this!
P.S. If you want to join in on this movement/topic and don’t have a blog just post on Instagram using the hashtag in the title #JGTHBodyPositivity or tag me @JerseyGirlTexanHeart I’d love to read your stories too!