Body Positivity Post 4: Makeup #JGTHBodyPositivity

Without makeup vs. with makeup
Body Positivity doesn’t have to do with just your shape and size.  It has to do with other things that make you who you are on the outside.  Throughout this post I’m going to post some pictures of well known celebs without makeup.  Makeup has gotten such a bad reputation as of recently with a lot of people.  A lot of people make comments like “oh, if you really want to see what she looks like on your first date just take her swimming,”  or anything of that nature.  Or how about how if you’re like me and you wear makeup almost every day and you get the typical “wow why do you do your makeup every day it takes too long,” I’ve also gotten “you’re so narcissistic and insecure.”  However when I DON’T wear makeup I can also get “You’re so lazy how can you NOT do your makeup,” or “You look so bad, how can you not care what you look like in public.”
You see, the thing is, I don’t really care.  I don’t care if you have something to say about my bare face, or my painted face.  There was a screen shot that I saw a while ago and it was of something someone said on twitter “Make sure to compliment your girl’s makeup.  Her foundation probably cost more than what it takes to fill up your gas tank.”  I do my makeup almost every day, and it’s not for anyone but myself.  I don’t do it for my boyfriend, nor do I “let myself go” (I hate that phrase) with my boyfriend.  He’s seen me with and without makeup.  My coworkers have seen me with and without makeup.  My family and friends have seen me WITH AND WITHOUT MAKEUP.  Do you get my point here?
I wear makeup because it makes me feel like my outfit is complete.  The greatest part about fashion is you get to change who you are every day, which is why some days I wear a lot makeup, some days I don’t wear it, and some days I wear very little.  I’m known mostly for my cat eye/winged tip eye makeup.  One day I might want to be a boho hippie and the next day I might want to be a corporate CEO.  I did a post a few months back where I joined a movement of putting makeup on only half of your face (you can see it here).  It was a movement that beauty bloggers and vloggers started to show people the power of makeup and to show people who have something negative to say about makeup wearers that they have two faces.  I read an article that said reasons why you should date the girl who doesn’t wear makeup and some of the things I read in it were really mean.  People, DATE WHOEVER YOU WANT.  Whether it be the girl who doesn’t wear makeup or the girl who is obsessed with makeup and her paychecks all go to Sephora haha.  Whoever wrote that article must have been really insecure because talking about how you should date someone like yourself and instead of writing nice things about yourself you have to bash the opposing person.  Not nice ladies, not nice.
Don’t get me wrong there are days where I look in the mirror when I don’t have makeup on and I’ll say things like “ew look at the bags under my eyes,” or “look at all of those imperfections,” or even “oh my, the brows need to be taken care of I look like Chewbaca is on my face.”  That’s what this post is targeting.  Being ok with yourself when your face is bare.  Being ok with looking in the mirror when the canvas is blank.  Even celebrities go outside in the public eye with no makeup on.  So why can’t the average day person?
I double dog dare you to look at yourself in the mirror first with makeup.  You feel beautiful because your eyebrows are perfection, your eyeliner is flawless, your contouring and highlighting is on point, and your lip is gorgeous.  Now, I triple dog dare you to take that makeup off.  Look at yourself in the mirror and STILL feel beautiful.  Your face is still the same, minus the makeup.  Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.  You are in no way, shape, or form any less of a person than what you were when you had makeup on. 
Makeup is meant to be fun. 
Let’s keep it that way.
Just because someone wears makeup, it doesn’t mean they are narcissistic
and care what people think.
Just because someone doesn’t wear makeup, it doesn’t mean
they are lazy and a slob.

Remember that the journey to being positive about yourself
is to work on your interior before your exterior.  You need to be happy with your inner self
before you can be happy with the outer.  
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P.P.S. Just as an fyi Body Positivity will take a two week break due to the holidays coming up and will return on January 7th, UPDATED JANUARY 21st.