Dr. Who Ugly Christmas Sweater


Sweatshirt:  Amazon // Leggings:  TK Maxx (Poland) // Converse

Ok, so it’s no surprise that I’m talking about Dr. Who.  If you’ve been following my blog for at least
the last few months you know that I have a new obsession.  Since Orphan Black and Walking Dead (was
coming to an end) ended I needed another show to watch.  I tried watching the most recent Doctor Who
and it was just so extremely confusing that I did not want to watch it.  Then the boyfriend (who loves the doctor)
said that we should start from the beginning. 
That’s exactly what we did.
I’m currently on Season 4 and I can already tell you that
David Tenant is my favorite doctor so far and I really wish they kept
Rose.  I really loved Rose, she was good
for the doctor.  Plus, I loved their
really awkward love story.  I know the
doctor changes in the next season but I really like this one.  Why can’t they just keep him a little longer
haha?  Anyway, I had my first “MIND BLOWN”
moment the other night when Captain Jack said they used to call him The Face of
Boe in school/training.  I turned to my
boyfriend and could NOT believe what just happened in the episode.  He told me that he wanted to tell me so badly
about this but that he couldn’t ruin it for me. 
He said I needed to have my first Dr. Who mind blown moment.
For those of you interested in watching Dr. Who definitely
start from the beginning.  It’s more
interesting that way and you’ll be slightly confused if you start from the most
recent episodes.  If you like scyfy,
nerdy, or analytical shows this is the perfect one for you.  The show is full of surprises!
Now moving on to my outfit.
I bought this sweatshirt off of Amazon.  I needed an ugly Christmas sweater and then
when I typed in Doctor Who I fell in love with this one because it’s pink, it’s
actually a sweatshirt, AND it has Dalek’s on it.  Those are my favorite (along with Adipose) on
Doctor Who.  I just love how the Dalek’s
talk and how bent out of shape they get when the doctor is around.  I wanted to keep this look really comfortable
because the sweatshirt is so comfy. 
Leggings and converse were the first things that came to mind.  I also added my glasses because they remind
me of the doctor.

Stick around for tomorrow’s link up AND a not so ugly
Christmas sweater look!
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3 thoughts on “Dr. Who Ugly Christmas Sweater”

  1. What a great sweater! I am a HUGE Whovian (that's what we Doctor Who fans call ourselves) and have been watching since day 1 of the reboot (which is likely where you started). My kiddos and the hubs and I all watch it together – it's so fabulous. David Tennant is a wonderful Doctor, but I think you'll love Matt Smith too – and even Peter Capaldi once you make it that far!
    Now – back to clothes – I love the sweatshirt as an "ugly Christmas Sweater" – so much more wearable than an actual knit sweater with bells and baubles and such on it!

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