Holly Nail Art


This mani is a little different from the one from earlier today (here).  This one requires a little more work.  All you do is of course use a base coat and nail strengthener, I use Sally Hansen Maximum Strength.  It works wonders!  Then paint all of your nails a white color.  For your ring and thumb just use a confetti glitter polish.  For this mani I have three coats of the confetti polish.  Then take two different colors of green and nail art brushes.  I used two thin ones.  Make some green lines for leaves, they don’t have to be perfect, as you can tell.  Most of them will be covered by the red berries and black lines.  Next up just add the black lines and once that is dry add the red berries.  Then wait for them to dry, you don’t want to smudge anything.  And voila you are finished!