Late for Class


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Polo:  Ralph Lauren // Skirt:  Old // Booties:  Kensie (old)
Ok, so this outfit does kind of remind me of a school
teacher or an old school student.  The
boyfriend actually said that while taking these pictures so I decided I’m going
to name this post “Late for Class.” 
First of all I love love love the color combinations or this outfit, I
know it’s really Christmas’y.  I didn’t
want to start posting any holiday outfits until after Thanksgiving because I
wanted to celebrate one holiday at a time, especially since Thanksgiving is a
time for us to be thankful for what we have. 
So, since it’s December 1st this is my first holiday
This outfit can be considered casual and dressed up.  In order to dress it up all you really need
to add is some statement jewelry.  The
polo shirt makes it seem casual, but the skirt definitely changes up the
look.  Whenever I wear these boots I
always think of past fashion because they look really old fashioned.  They look like a modern twist on shoes that
kids wore to school or what one of my coworkers who is now retired said polio
shoes.  I know I’ve mentioned this on the
blog before.  This would be a good outfit
for a Holiday dinner that isn’t too formal or just if you want to wear it
casually as well.
I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great, and I hope your
holiday season is off to a good start!
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