Merry Christmas and a LINKUP!


Bag:  Gucci // Dress:  Ralph Lauren // Belt:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Old
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Christmas Eve is tomorrow! 
I’m so excited!  In my family
since we are Polish, the big celebration is on Christmas Eve.  We are not allowed to eat meat tomorrow, so I
have to get all of my cravings out today. 
We eat fish and lots of traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes.  These dishes include my FAVORITE soup of ALL
TIME which is a beet soup.  It’s made
with beets (obviously), garlic, and some spices.  Along with this my mom makes, they almost
look like tortellini’s, stuffed with diced mushrooms.  There are very few ways I will eat mushrooms,
and this is one of them.  She makes it
with the same dough that she makes pierogi with.  We also have pierogi (yum) and lots of other
dishes that involve mushrooms and things that I don’t like haha.  We open presents on Christmas Eve instead of
Christmas Day.  Growing up it was really
hard to explain to the kids about this concept. 
Some thought I was weird, others thought it was really cool.

This red sweater dress is definitely ideal for this
Christmas Eve dinner.  It’s stretchy and
comfy so if I eat too much that’s ok, you won’t tell!  It’s long sleeve so I’ll be warm in these
cold winter days.  It’s officially winter
as of Tuesday, how crazy is that?  I know
these OTK boots have been on repeat but I really can’t help it.  I just love them THAT much.  The bag is super cute and I love that it’s
green so I can continue the Christmas theme but the hardware on it is
absolutely beautiful.  Happy early
Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Also, don’t
forget to link up below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post it’s going to have a recap of all things Christmas!


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