Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!


I just wanted to send lots of love and Christmas cheer to
all of you out there.  If you don’t
celebrate Christmas I wish you Happy Holidays!
Here’s a big Merry Christmas from Lilly, me, and the rest of
my family.  I hope you enjoy lots of time
with your families and eat lots of good food because I know I will be!  Remember another thing, this is the season of
giving not just receiving.  Of course it’s
nice to receive gifts from people, but remember to give as much as you
can.  Whether it’s giving gifts to family
and friends or giving back to your community and people in need. 

Thank you to all of you who come here whether it’s every day
or once in a while to read my blog.  I
truly appreciate it.  Thank you to those
who have stuck by me since I revamped this blog back in 2013.  I love y’all and may your day be filled with
holiday cheer!  For those of you who don’t
celebrate enjoy your day off (hopefully)!

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