NYE Black and Red Ombre Nail Art


New Year’s is almost here! 
I wanted to do a very simple mani going into the new year.  It’s actually kind of funny that I decided on
black and red this year because last year (pictured at the bottom of this post)
I did black and gold.  I don’t know why
but I feel like black is fitting.  I
usually wear black on New Year’s.  I’m
not too sure why, but it usually happens that way for me.  I’m looking forward to New Year’s because I
get to start a new year.  It’s also my
anniversary.  Last year the boyfriend and
I made it official on New Year’s.  We had
been hanging out for a little bit after reconnecting.  We’ve also known each other for 10 years so
we really didn’t have that awkward getting to know each other stage or being
Anyway, back to the nail art.
This design is easy. 
All you do is paint your nails a dark red and then take a makeup sponge
and dab black nail polish on the bottom half of your nail.  You can either leave it the way it is with
just the ombre or you can add the rhinestones like I did.  Stay tuned for more NYE posts this week!
Also if you are looking for a really easy last minute holiday hair do take a look at this one.  All you do is separate your hair into 4-5 sections.  Braid each section with either regular 3 strand braids or fish tail braids.  Then pin them into a messy bun.  Super easy!  Below are some pictures from Christmas with my family too.  Enjoy!


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