Swing Swing


Poncho:  Ralph Lauren // Top:  Ralph Lauren // Jeans: Levi’s (Marshalls, old) // Boots:  Luchesse

Sometimes I can act like such a child!  I can’t help it, when I see a swing I have to
go on it.  I mean unless there’s a child
swinging then I’m not going to push them off because that would just be
terrible.  Regardless, when I was taking
pictures for this outfit, I needed to get on that swing.
This is one of my favorite casual looks.  It’s pretty much my go to when looking for a
casual outfit.  Lately I’ve been trying
to wear more jeans because I feel like a lot of times I’m wearing a lot of
black pants, or leggings.  I guess it
might be because I gained a few pounds so wearing jeans is just so
uncomfortable.  Plus, I only have one
pair of jeans that fits me in all the right places.  Levi’s are the best for my shape.

I had to put on my Luchesse’s for this outfit.  They were somewhat festive with the red in
them, plus they are my favorite cowgirl boots especially when wearing a
poncho.  I chose a ruffle top because it
breaks up the casual feel and gives it a little extra somethin’!
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