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Necklace:  New Chic Bangles:  Lilly In Pink
Etsy Shop turns 2!
My Etsy shop Lilly In Pink has turned 2 as of January 19th!  With this being a little anniversary I’m
running a sale until Wednesday, January 27, 2016.  Any purchase of $10 or more will receive a
20% off discount using coupon code TWOYEARS make sure to enter this code in at checkout.  This is on all items in my shop as long as
they are $10 or more.  If you request a
custom order, this discount will also work for these even if I’m not finished
with the product until after the promotion ends.  I usually ask for 2 weeks at maximum (usually
a custom order depending on if it’s a jar or bangles I can get them done within
3 days if I’m really operating on crunch time) to make these custom
orders.  I didn’t think it would be fair
for you to lose your discount because I can’t work at a faster pace!  With that being said take a look at Lilly in
Pink and shop away!
First BOPO Post of 2016
Everyone, this week I posted my first body positive post of
2016!  Sorry that I fell so behind on
these specific posts but with the holidays it got extremely busy.  Going along the theme of no makeup for the
last two posts I came across a blogger who deserved to be spoken about.  She posted a picture of her with no makeup on
(which I think she looks flawless regardless) and wrote an article.  If you want to read more about it just click
here.  Also, stay tuned for some upcoming
BOPO posts within the next month I have some great things lined up.
YouTube Video
If you missed Wednesday’s post (here), I FINALLY posted an
updated makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel
It only took a little over a year! 
It was also a really active post. 
I had tons of feedback and comments so thank you to all of you who took
the time to check out that post!
Exciting Project
During last week’s 5 for Friday I talked about how I sent
out my first newsletter (eek so exciting), well for those of you who are Jersey
Girl, Texan Heart Insiders (aka subscribers) stay tuned to the upcoming
newsletter that will be out at the beginning of February.  Y’all will be the first to know about an
exciting project I hope to have finished within the next month.  I’m dying to tell all of you about it but if
you subscribe to emails you’ll find out about it too!  It’s something I’m extremely proud of for
even doing let alone sharing it with all of you!

“Discing, it’s a thing look it up”
The other night I was scrolling through my personal facebook
and came across one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s something called discing and the girl in
the video actually says “discing it’s a thing look it up.”  So, I took it upon myself to look it up and
for those few minutes that I watched it I was cracking up.  With all of that being said, for your viewing
pleasure I’ve added the compilation video from YouTube.  I can’t wait to try this myself haha.

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