5 for Friday

Hey Everyone!  So I
wanted to take a quick moment to say that for today’s 5 for Friday I won’t
really have 5 things.  I’ve had some emergencies
arise within the past week, so thankfully I had most of my posts scheduled
except for Friday’s 5.  The last week has
been somewhat of a blur but I’ve had a great amount of people offer help and
even just someone to talk to.  I thank
anyone who has been there for me.  I’m
going to try and do my best to have a 5 up next week, but I’m not entirely sure
if that will work.  I’m surprisingly handling
everything just fine.  I did have a few
things I just wanted to mention though.
We survived Storm Jonas!
There was a lot of snow, but we did it!  I did not leave my house from Friday night
until Sunday night.  It was nice to be
lazy and watch movies all day though, that’s for sure!
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Just wing it.

That’s just some advice for those of you going through
anything.  If you’re feeling stressed out
or overwhelmed just wing it!

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