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The fairy Fishbone Braid Twisted
Do you want to be charming and striking like the beautiful fairies
from the fairy tale, or being the focus of attention in different parties? This
kind of fishbone braid twisted can absolutely help you make your fairy dreams
come true.
But what is the good fishbone braid twisted you ask? Using the
virgin hair or the remy hair weave could make this hairstyle remind unchanged
and more perfect.
Now let’s create this fairy hair extensions with the following
Step 1.Brush your hair as usual and select one side of hair (which
side is decided by yourself), divide this side of hair into two sections as
shown in figure. Then alternate section A with section B.
Step 2.Get the section C alongside the hair next to the ear. And
alternate section C with section A as shown in figure.
Step 3.Alternate a lock of hair alongside section A with section
Step 4.Three sections transform their positions and mix with a
lock of hair alongside the top of hair in sequence. Warm tips:you can use the Best Hair Buy Clip in Extentions to make the braid fuller and
Step 5.When braid to another side of hair, tie the braid up with
small rubber band.
Step 6. Now divide the rest of hair into two parts on the average.
Step 7.Select a bundle of hair alongside the leftmost.
Step 8.Then mix hair of the leftmost with the hair of right side.
Step 9.Select a bundle of hair alongside the rightmost. Mix with
the hair of left side.
Step 10.Repeat to braid both sides of hair with the step 7 to step
Finally tie up the braid with rubber band and twist the end of
braid inside the hair,then set the
braid with some clips.
This kind of hairstyle is finished by decorating with the
beautiful bow-knot or some luscious decoration.
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