Dr. Who Nail Art


As some of you know I’ve been catching up on every season of Dr. Who.  I decided that I would do a lovely Dr. Who nail art design.  The reason why is for those of you who don’t watch Dr. Who, he regenerates himself and changes bodies and faces.  So, I decided that since it’s the New Year, it’s a new face or a new body.  I think that makes more sense in my head but I guess it kind of makes sense if you’re a Whovian.  Anyway, I’m not going to be doing the whole New Year’s resolution and everything of that nature.  I used to do the whole new year new me thing, but not anymore.  I don’t really have resolutions that I set for  myself because I have a bucket list and I have goals that I work towards every day of the year.  I’m not saying having resolutions is a bad thing, I just don’t really have them and haven’t for years.  Of course I’d love to lose weight and get my summer body ready, but that’s something I tend to work towards all year around.  Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!

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