Pink Puffer


Vest:  Ralph Lauren // Top:  Burberry // Pants:  Burberry // Boots:  Liberty Black Boots // Necklace and Eyelashes:  Born Pretty Store

Can you believe that we are already in the third full week
of January?  We’ve almost gone through
the first month of 2016.  It boggles my
mind with how fast time flies.  I haven’t
done anything too exciting except start working on bigger things.
This year, I want to take my blog to the next level.  I sent out my first newsletter of all time
and I’ve started to build a bigger awareness of my Wednesday linkups via
email.  Make sure if you want to see what’s
going on in the world of Jersey Girl, Texan Heart, or if anything is in the
works (early access type stuff) subscribe to my email list.  I want this year to be THE year for my
blog.  I want to grow but I also want to
interact with y’all more.  I wanted to
start writing more.  Everyone keeps
telling me that when I write they think it’s almost like an escape for me.  It’s a place where I get all of my thoughts
onto paper (so to speak).  I love writing
more than speaking because I have this problem of thinking too fast for my
fingers to type or in person, thinking too fast for my mouth to speak and
sometimes what I’m thinking doesn’t come out right.  At least with writing I can get all of my
thoughts down and go back and re-read everything I wrote.  That way if I’m trying to explain something
and it’s not coming out right I can revise it. 
Hey, maybe one day I might even write a book.  That would be the day.

This year I want to write more content on my blog, I will
still be bringing you the usual outfit posts and nail art, etc. but I want to
write.  Over the past few months I’ve
almost neglected my writing and my blog a bit due to the holidays.  At one point my blog was starting to feel
like a chore, and honestly this is my happy place.  My blog is my baby and when it starts feeling
like a chore or that I HAVE to work on it I just don’t even bother.  With that being said, I’ve been feeling more
motivated to take my blog to the next level. 
I’m done feeling stressed out about my blog.  I started this as a fun hobby to keep my
creative juices flowing since I work in the corporate world, and I needed to
sit down and get back to my roots (writing a business plan) to truly realize
that my blog hasn’t grown because I haven’t put enough effort into it.  I’ve been so caught up in being stressed out
about everything around me, that the one thing I’m proud of has been neglected
the most.  So everyone, I hope you stick
around for a more improved version of my blog!
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  1. Ditto to everything you said about the blog, growing it more, taking it to the next level, not making it feel like a chore and social interacting more with other bloggers. Same for me. I love this outfit. I think I need a Hot Pink Puffer Vest. Your Burberry Tunic is gorgeous too. We have lots in common with our outfits today! 😉 Check mine out!

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