Poor Winter Health

3 easy resolutions to battle poor winter health

There’s no denying it – during these harsh
winters, trying to stay healthy feels like mission impossible. Wind batters
against your face, your skin dries out like a teabag left in the sun, your
fitness plan goes to pot after a fortnight of festive foodstuffs and you’ll
have a larger potbelly than Paul Blart after a hot dog eating contest.
Now is about the time of year when your
resolutions to get fit for 2016 start to fade into the distance. Replacing that
lofty goal is a life of cheeseburgers for breakfast, sirloin steaks for lunch
and mountains of beef for dinnertime.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a
little bit of determination and a few changes to your lifestyle, you could be
making minimal effort and gaining maximum health.
So, take a look at a few of these tips and
see how you can look AND feel better in 2016.
up on minerals

You’ve probably seen plenty of people who
are about as adept at applying foundation as a cat is at creating fine art. These
cosmetic calamities saunter down the street looking like Oompa Loompas, their
skin glowing in patches that seem almost radioactive.
Even when you’re covering up your cracked
skin from the winter weather, you don’t need to plaster on layers and layers of
foundation – especially not when mineral makeup is readily available.
Mineral foundation provides you with a
lighter touch, giving you an even skin tone and pores that aren’t being
suffocated. Our favourite mineral makeup provider can be found via this site, so click and have a
– at a minimum

Trying to exercise in the wintertime is
like trying to sell parkas in the summer – it’s highly unlikely, and frankly
feels unnatural.
But not every workout has to brace your
chilly bones. As long as you work out efficiently, you could do as little as 15
minutes of exercise a day.
Work out each quadrant in rapid
and you’ll be able to lounge for the rest of your day – safe in the
knowledge that you’ve burnt some calories.
at the ready

Do you guzzle endless cups of coffee during
those long, drawn-out winters? Or are you more of a Diet Coke person? Either
way, you’re making your baggy eyes and yawning mouth worse. Without plenty of
water, you’ll continue to feel more tired than a narcoleptic sloth.

An average of eight glasses of water
a day
is especially helpful, giving you clearer skin and powering your body
to help fight the chill. Maybe your resolutions aren’t difficult to stick to
after all. 

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