Snuggling Up with a Good Book

Lilly bug looks like a superhero in this picture ready to take on the world haha!

Sweat pants and sweat shirt:  Gifted (but probably Macy’s or Lord & Taylor) // Slippers:  Poland // Furniture:  Ikea
You may be wondering why I’m not all dressed up in today’s
post and why I look extremely comfortable. 
Well first of all, yes I’m very comfortable, second of all I wanted to
take the time and show all of my readers that I do sometimes need some time to
relax.  I recently redid my entire space
at home.  New wall color, new set up, new
furniture, and I even made a small spot by my window for me to just sit and
relax.  My mom and I have had coffee
together here a few times and today I wanted to show all of you my little happy
place.  My mom got me these sweatpants
and sweatshirt (which I have been constantly wearing) for Christmas and the
material makes me feel like I’m wearing a blanket.  She bought them for me because I’m always
cold and walking around with a blanket like a weirdo haha!
Lilly of course loves (well needs) to be the center of
attention.  I won’t be able to relax and
just read a book for too long because she will jump in my lap.  I recently received the first 5 novels of The
Wizard of Oz from a coworker for Christmas. 
I’ve started reading it because it’s my favorite movie of all time.  I always wanted to read the original story
because I’ve heard that it’s very different from the movie.  I’m excited to see what is in store for me in
this book.  Plus, I love that it has
metallic green/emerald color on the outside of the pages.
I also wanted to take blogging pictures like this to show
everyone that I too sometimes don’t feel like dressing up and I feel like
relaxing and being a bum.  Of course I
usually try to do it in style (hence the fuzzy get up) but here’s proof that I’m
not always dolled up and dressed to the nines!

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