Star Wars, Liberty Black, and my Pet Robot BB8 (and a #LINKUP)


Sweater:  Gifted // Jeans:  Levi’s (Marshalls) // Boots:  Liberty Black // Necklace:  Born Pretty Store
I must admit I’m not a true Star Wars fan.  I only saw the original Star Wars movies with
my dad a really long time ago, to the point where I can’t really remember
much.  I was always a fan of R2D2, and I
was talking to boyfriend about this and he said you should look up BB8.  So I did, and then I watched the interview
where they introduced BB8 to the public for the first time and THEN I watched
the youtube video of the Sphero version of BB8. 
I fell in love with it instantly. 
I told the boyfriend the only thing I wanted for Christmas was BB8
before I saw how much he was and told him not to get it for me.  Regardless, on Christmas Eve (we open
presents on Christmas eve) I’m opening up my presents and while I’m opening BB8
I see the word Star Wars and automatically knew it was this little guy.
I’ve been playing with him ever since.  I let him roam around on his own (I’m talking
about BB8 like it’s an actual person haha) especially when I’m getting
ready.  There are so many different
options with BB8.  You can either “drive”
him yourself, or you can let him patrol which is when he just roams around by
himself.  He plays videos and listens to
voice commands.  The best part is, each
BB8 is different.  They have an adaptive
personality so the more you interact with him, the more it adjusts to you.  How crazy is that?  Needless to say, this anti Star Wars person
has become a small fan thanks to BB8. 
Good job with that Star Wars producers haha!
I wanted to also introduce these awesome Liberty Black
boots.  I got them as a review right in
time for Christmas and have been wearing them nonstop.  I’ve never had a pair of short cowgirl boots,
but these are definitely perfect if you are looking for a low pair.  They are so comfortable and I love the
detail.  I also wanted BB8 in the picture
with the boots because I’m weird like that but I thought it was cute.  The thing that I love about these boots is
since they are short they don’t look like your typical cowgirl boot so it’s
very easy to dress them up and down.  I
always love anything in my closet that is versatile.  Thank you Liberty Black!

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14 thoughts on “Star Wars, Liberty Black, and my Pet Robot BB8 (and a #LINKUP)”

  1. Your novelty sweater is so cute and I love those boots! I've never been a fan of cowboy boots for myself, but those ones, I would definitely wear. That robot is just the cutest!

  2. Oh how cute!! When the price comes down I definitely will be picking up my own lil BB8!! I'm a big Star Wars fan!! Love your new boots too! =)

    Thank you for the lovely linkup! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

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