Star Wars Nails


Now, I know that Star Wars
came out a month ago, but with the holidays and everything it’s been super
hectic for me to get a Star Wars nail art design in!  I’m not very proud of my storm trooper, I
kind of messed up because I did half of it upside down so it came out the wrong
way and the rest of my nails were already done so I didn’t want to mess them up
with nail polish remover haha!  I have no
problem showing all of my readers that, I too, can have epic fails.  I tried to fix it but it didn’t work.  Who looks at thumbs though?

This was my first time using
a matte top coat and I must say I’m IN LOVE. 
I don’t know how I never tried this before.  I feel like it stands out more than gloss
because it’s so different.  For the rest
of the nails I wanted to do some fun designs. 
I did a galaxy one because I just love galaxy nails, I really can’t help
it.  Every time I do them I come up with
a different way to do it.  Since I got
BB8 for Christmas he had to be in on this whole Star Wars nail art design.  I couldn’t get all of the details of him, but
you get the general idea that, that’s BB8. 
Of course I had to add R2D2.  He was
my favorite before I found out about BB8. 
I mean I still love him, and he will always be my first favorite
because, well, he’s a classic.  Then on
my little pinky I added light sabers! 

I think I can get used to
this whole matte look.  I’m really loving
it on my nails!

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