Think Pink, well pops of it!


Hat:  CN Direct // Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Dolce Vita

We all know that I love pink, I’ve talked about it a million
times here on the blog.  When I saw this
hat I knew I had to have it.  I love the
color pink, the actual shape and style of the hat, and how can you not like the
little fur ball on top!  It’s really
comfortable and super warm, so that’s great for all of these cold days
ahead.  You have to check out CN Direct!  They have the greatest things!
In the winter time my outfits go one of two ways, I either
dress up to the nines with tights and dresses/skirts and heels, or I keep it
casual and comfy with an oversized sweater/cardigan and leggings/pants with
boots!  This would be the perfect look
for either a nice relaxing day, a walk in the park, or even if you are meeting
up with a friend for lunch.  Just
remember about hat hair haha!
Now, this is probably the first time in months that I don’t
have extensions in.  Crazy right?  It’s such a difference from my longer
hair.  I can never recognize myself in
photos when I see my short hair.  Lately
I’ve been trying to grow it out, I mean it’s finally long enough to put in a
messy bun without having to use a bunch of bobby pins to keep half of my hair from
falling out of the hair tie.  I look at
old pictures of me with my super short hair and I’m always so surprised at how
much it has grown in less than a year. 
See for everyone who hasn’t been following my blog for a while you didn’t
see me with my short hair.  Well, now you

Now, I wanted to mention something a little personal.  Today is January 5th.  Three years ago today I lost someone
extremely close to me.  If you look at
the pages at the top of my blog, there’s one called dedication.  This blog is dedicated to Dan.  It was thanks to Dan that I changed my
life.  It is thanks to him that I live a
more positive life and he helped me get through some difficult times in my life
while battling cancer.  I didn’t know he
had cancer because we had reconnected after college and it was only a few
months before he had lost his battle. 
After the wake and everything and saying goodbye one last time I decided
that I needed to change my life.  I had
gone through so much the months prior that I decided if I had the strength to
go through that, I can change my life for the positive.  Ever since then whenever something happens
and I have that feeling of giving up or negativity I always think of Dan.  He made a mark on my life and I will never
forget him and his beautiful personality. 
Rest in peace Dan.
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***Please note I received this hat as a review, however all opinions are my own.

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