Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with Uncommon Goods

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and when I was
contacted by Uncommon Goods I had to share these pieces with you, because these
are great gifts to give in general but if you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your
friends or if you get anything for your mom, or even any gentleman browsing the
cyber world for gift ideas, here are some great ones.  I know that when I was single I used to
celebrate with friends, we’d get each other little things.  I get my mom a card and something small just
to show her how much she’s appreciated even though Valentine’s Day is supposed
to be more of a romantic holiday. 
First I’d like to introduce Uncommon Goods and then I will
highlight some of my favorites from this post and why I liked them so
much.  They were founded in 1999 and are
based in Brooklyn, New York.  They are
privately owned and feature unique jewelry, designer décor, tabletop items, and
handcrafted gifts that are created without harm to animals or people.  Now, not only are the pieces on the Uncommon
Goods website amazing, but they make it their mission to support and provide an
opportunity for artists and designers, which is why half of their items are
made by hand in the USA.  As a small
business owner of hand crafted jewelry and jars I love whenever I see handmade
pieces that are made in the USA.
Within the past year I’ve had a lot of things happen in my
personal life that I turn to inspirational quotes or anything of that nature a
lot, and that is an understatement.  That’s why I love the inspirational jewelry they have.  I
find solace in anything that is uplifting. 
That is why a lot of the necklaces I chose (besides the ones I just find
really pretty) have a meaning behind them. 
For example, number 3 is the “she believed she could so she did”necklace.  It’s made from 100% sterling
silver, and the meaning behind it is very powerful.  There have been many times this year where I’ve
stopped and almost given up because I didn’t believe I could do it, and then
something in me would spark and say NO, you need to believe in yourself, and I
would keep going.  The best part about
this inspiration necklace is it can be for anyone and anything, everyone has
been through something in their life, no matter how small that they have
believed in themselves and have kept going.
Number 6 is the “Be Brave” Necklace.  I feel as though sometimes we need to remind
ourselves that we need to be brave.  No
matter how hard it is, if we aren’t doing it for ourselves we are doing it for
others.  There have been many times in my
life where I’ve had to be brave, whether it was something as small as flying on
a plane by myself to a foreign country for the first time, getting into my
accident and telling myself everything is going to be ok, or just simply
walking into work on my first day not knowing anything or anyone.
“Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get
to.”  This quote is written on the
Cherish Necklace which is from Alice in Wonderland (number 15).  A lot of times we stop to think if what we
are about to do is right or wrong.  This
is when you have to turn into Alice and think which choice will make me happy?  Which choice will bring me closer to my final
“Strong Women.  May we
know them, may we raise them, may we be them.” 
This is the necklace that is numbered 8
Lately my strength has truly been tested.  I feel like I’ve matured because of
this.  Whenever someone tells me that I’ve
become a stronger person, or when they say they can’t understand how I’m still
keeping my head up high, it really makes me feel amazing.  I definitely do my best, and sometimes I
crack under pressure but I do this when no one can see me because sometimes I’m
not just being strong for myself, but I’m being strong for others around me.

So why do I say these are great Valentine’s Day gift
ideas?  First of all some of the pieces
here are just beautiful pieces, but the inspirational ones (which are my
favorite) have so much meaning behind them. 
When you put thought into a gift like this, especially if someone you
know is going through something, this can be that one thing that makes them
smile and think to themselves to keep going that day.  You might be the reason why someone didn’t
give up, all because you got them a beautiful piece of jewelry from UncommonGoods.  I’m also a huge advocate for
supporting small business/hand crafted/made in the USA items, so just remember
by purchasing one of these you are supporting someone’s passion and creativity!  

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