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**Side note:  I know you can see my extensions in this picture, but I just love this picture for some reason, I have no idea why!

Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren // Scarf:  Versace // Pants:  Marshalls (old) // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson (Marshalls, old) // Necklace:  Born Pretty Store
For those of you who don’t know, my full time job is part of
the corporate world.  This means I have
to dress up to a certain standard. 
Pretty much half of the outfits on my blog are too casual so I wanted to
introduce some work appropriate outfit ideas. 
First and foremost, just because you work at an office does
not, I repeat, DOES NOT mean that you have to dress boring.  Of course you’re limited to certain looks and
have restrictions, but you still have a choice to be the most stylish one in
the office.
This look is perfect, because it’s business casual but you
can easily dress this outfit up or down. 
If you wanted to you could add boots instead of the heels, take off the
statement necklace and just leave the scarf, voila!  You are ready for a casual look.  Or you can dress it up even more, maybe add a
silk scarf instead of this one, add a blazer, and if you’re looking for a
different shoe just add black patent leather pumps.
Now, depending on how strict your office is, some of the
below looks may have to be tweaked a little bit.  Some of these you may not even be able to
wear, I know I can get away with look 3, but for look 5 I’d have to change the
shorts to pants.  You can take these as
inspiration and then put your own spin on them.
Look 1 60’s Vibe
This look is one of my favorite looks on my blog.  I love that this can be worn to work and also
outside of work.  I’ve worn this same
outfit outside of work and gotten so many compliments.  At the office we aren’t allowed to have bare
shoulders so I just add a nice cardigan on top of this.  What dresses up this look even more is the
statement necklace, along with my favorite shoes.  The trousers are wide leg, and even though
this style is really trendy you can still wear them to work.  I have a lot of prints in my closet so I know
some people wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing polka dots, and that’s fine!  Just take your favorite black trousers and
replace them in this outfit.
Look 2 Pretty in Pink
Whenever you wear a blazer and nice slacks, you
automatically look more professional. 
They say dress for the job you want, so this would be perfect for a job
that had a little spunk to it or if you were trying to show your
personality.  This would be the perfect
business outfit if I were to tell people what my personality is like.  The subtle Marilyn Monroe in the scarf, the
hot pink blazer, and leopard print shoes, I think it says a lot about me.  This is definitely a business professional
look with a little extra oomph. 
Look 3 Casual Lace
Ok, this look is a slightly riskier look for the office, but
if you look at your dress code you might actually get away with it.  I’ve worn this outfit to the office
before.  Everyone always compliments the
dress.  It’s technically past the knee so
you don’t look like you’re going to the club. 
On top of that what I also love is that I chose to belt this with a
darker color (black) to contrast and tie the whole look together with the
booties and the lace jacket.  This jacket
is so beautiful and the lace just makes this look a little more elegant.  You are working with a few different styles
here (elegant, edgy, girly) and making them into one.  I love when pieces can do that in your
wardrobe!  Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend
this to everyone as an office look per say but depending on your managers and
dress code this may be doable! 
Look 4 Casual Dress
This is also risky but not as risky as Look 3.  This one has long sleeves, and even though it
was warmer out when I wore this outfit originally, you can definitely dress it
up a little differently for these cold winter months.  Add some tights and heels and you are ready
to take on the day’s work.
Look 5 Shorts and a Blazer
I’m going to be honest, my company would never allow me to
wear shorts like these to work.  However,
I know some offices (the one’s that are more fashion oriented and lenient)
would allow this.  It’s a professional
look with a little sass.  The shorts aren’t
too short, but they also show a little bit of a tomboy side rather than wearing
your typical skirt and blazer.  The
shorts I’ve worn so many different ways, casually and dressed up.  This blazer is also great, I don’t know why
but I just really love blazers.  Like I
said in Look 2, a blazer just automatically makes you feel more
professional.  For the office (at least
mine) I’d have to wear either a skirt, or pants, but this is still an idea for those
of you who are allowed to wear shorts to the office.
Look 6 Business Meeting Slay

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I put on a matching
suit I’m in slay mode.  That’s the new
trending word right?  Anyway, I feel like
I’m ready to take on the world.  This black
suit is extremely professional, but the fact that you have a belt to tie makes
it show a little personality.  I chose
black patent pumps to spice up this all black look just a little bit.  Whenever I have a presentation or anything of
that nature I always turn to all black. 
I just feel ready for anything and it’s almost like my superhero suit
for my 9-5 if that makes sense haha.
I hope some of you can take some inspiration from this!  I love switching up my work wardrobe to make it more fun, rather than your normal slacks and a top.  I’m always adding accessories or fun shoes to the mix.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my Wednesday Link Up!
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  1. So many good looks! Love the bright blue shoes in your first outfit. Shoes, bags and jewelry is the easiest way to add in some personality to an office-appropriate outfit!

  2. Great looks. I love today's outfit for work and in general. The other 6 outfits you listed: 2 and 6 are my favorite. The best office looks and appropriate for all jobs I think. You cannot go wrong with a great pair of trousers, pumps and a blazer. It is always polished and professional.

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