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Inventory Purge THIRTYOFF

I want to get rid of most of my inventory in my Etsy shop
because I want to continue to make more products that are newer (I have so many
ideas).  Unfortunately I don’t have
enough room to store any more items without having my room look like a
mess.  With that being said I’m having
the biggest discount since last year’s spring cleaning sale.  Take 30% off your order of $15.00 or more by
using discount code THIRTYOFF at checkout. 
Keep reading for details on an additional discount.  Please understand that unfortunately this is
only applied to the item, not including shipping.  This sale starts today and runs for three
weeks until March 11th.  If
you’d like a custom order please let me know ahead of time and we will discuss
pricing and if it applies to the 30% off. 
For those of you who don’t know my Etsy shop is filled with wire bangles
and hand painted mason jars.  Some of the
mason jars also have clay charms attached to them depending on if there is a
theme.  All items are handmade by myself,
so if you purchase anything I thank you so much for your support.  If you would like please share this sale with
your friends and family!  I’d really like
to sell some inventory to make room for new inventory!  If you do share this sale, please send the
link of the post in a message on Etsy and I will offer you an extra 10% off of
the original price (so I will mark down the item first, and this will be for
any purchases including ones under the $15 minimum requirement), and then you
can take 30% off at checkout if the original price is $15+.  Hop on over to Lilly in Pink!

Apologize for being absent
I would like to apologize to all of my readers and
followers.  Life has been so extremely
hectic and stressful (that’s an understatement) over the past few weeks that I’ve
neglected all of you.  If you haven’t
noticed through some of my recent posts, I’m currently going through a lot in
my personal life.  I just want you to
know that I read every single comment and I know the past two weeks I haven’t
commented back (which I try and always do). 
A lot of your sweet comments have lifted my spirits, so thank you.  For any of you who link up with me on
Wednesdays, please know that if I didn’t get a chance to comment I did pin
every single one of your looks to the linkup board!  Thankfully I schedule a lot of my posts at
least a week ahead of time as a just in case for situations like this.  I hope y’all can forgive me!
Dealing with Rude Brands/Comments
I wanted to touch base with something on here really
quick.  Over the past few months about
99% of the brands I work with and people who I interacts with whether it be on
social media or here on the blog are absolutely the sweetest beings on the face
of the planet.  Then there’s that
1%.  That’s the 1% of people who are just
rude.  When I first revamped this blog
there was one commenter who constantly was writing something to criticize.  To be honest I thought you know what, it’s
constructive criticism so suck it up girlfriend and keep going.  Then it just magically stopped.  I never reported the comments and I approved
them to be on my blog because as long as you’re not being downright mean I will
approve every comment.  Maybe they
finally realized that they can’t get to me? 
Then, within this past year I’ve had quite a few rude brands or comments
said to me.  The first brand that
belittled me and made me feel like a crappy blogger I was a little hurt
by.  I didn’t respond to their email but
they kept on being persistent with working with me.  Why would you continuously ask to work with
me, but insult me and my blog at the same time? 
Since I work in corporate America as my full time job, I pretty much
used my emailing skills from work and used it for this brand.  I made it clear that I did not want to work
with them and how insulting me is rude and unprofessional.  Well, fast forward to just a few days
ago.  Just to give you a timeline so you
can understand, last week I went through something in my personal life that was
probably one of the hardest things to go through to date.  A brand had contacted me just a few short
days after and was just insulting me for the sponsorship fee.  As upset, annoyed, and angry as I was I kept
my cool and again, wrote a professional email. 
Then afterwards I started thinking, maybe these people are just trying
to get a rise out of people.  Maybe they
are trying to have bloggers become a completely opposite person of what they
are.  My advice to anyone out there
having to deal with rude/insulting comments, just keep your cool.  Remember that it is really easy to delete and
block comments/people.  Don’t let
negative things like that ruin your day. 
Especially if you already have enough going on, don’t let these jerks
bring you down!

Walking Dead Reaction
Ok, so I’m not going to spoil anything for anyone in case
you haven’t seen the season premiere of TWD, but OMG!!!!  That was the absolute best season premiere of
all time.  All of the action, and all of
the moments where I gasped or said I KNEW IT! 
The makeup and effects are 10 times better than what they were
before.  Well played Walking Dead, well
Piercing Update
If you read last week’s post (here) you know that I talked
about how I got my daith piercing in my ear. 
I got it not just because it’s a cool piercing, but I got it because I
read and heard how it helped relieve headache pain.  I said I would give an update and here is the
verdict.  I’ve had ONE headache since
getting this piercing.  I used to have
headaches every day, some were migraines and some were just regular
headaches.  I used to take Excedrin/Advil
every day.  Now, the one headache I did
have I didn’t need to take Excedrin for. 
I think that so far, this piercing is a success.  I’ll keep everyone updated but so far so

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  1. Way to step up and ignore the bullies! It's totally rude to email or comment on people's blogs about negative things.. Fine a little constructive criticism but multiple emails that are downright rude? Heck no. As Taylor swift says, just shake it off. Stopping by from Friday favorites!

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