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Blogger Bestie
I met up with my blogger bestie last week!  For those of you who don’t know her, she’s Ellen from Ask Away Blog.  I’ve been extremely busy but will definitely
write about our time together within the next few weeks.  We met up at the spot we’ve been to twice
already and last week was actually our anniversary of us meeting for dinner a
few years ago!  I was a little worried I
wasn’t going to see her because of what life threw at the both of us the past
few weeks, but we met up and it was so nice to get away and talk to my
bestie!  Do any of you have a blogger
Lilly in Pink Sale
I know I mentioned this last week, but don’t forget the sale
in my Etsy shop Lilly in Pink, is still going on!  You have two more weeks!  For any orders $15 and up (not including
shipping) you will receive 30% off with coupon code THIRTYOFF however if you
share the sale on social media prior to purchasing and send the link of that
share in a message, I will mark down the original price by 10% and then you can
take an additional 30% off at checkout! 
It’s the biggest sale I’ve had in a long time and I want to add some new
inventory but I can’t do that until some of my current inventory is gone.  Happy shopping!
Fixing Your Finances Book
So, my blogger bestie wrote this book.  It’s called Fixing Your Finances.  I’ve been reading it and can’t wait to write
a post about it, I just want to finish it first, but I highly recommend it,
whether you are in a great/terrible financial situation.  This book helps you budget and take a hold of
your finances, which is going to help me because I’m saving up.  Stay tuned for the review of the actual book
but for now you can hop on over to Ask Away Blog if you want to purchase the
book.  The book is $11.99! 

Also, everyone check out this amazing promotion going on below.  The picture above is from Shein, love that skirt, and it needs to be in my closet!

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  1. I don't have a blogger bestie per se, but love making connections with other bloggers and getting to know them through my and their blogs. I've never heard of Glory Boon. Will have to check it out. I subscribed to your newsletter. Request done!

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