5 Romantic Spring 2016 Designer Dresses to Get Inspired From

We’ve all watched the fashion weeks as they unraveled. We
saw all the collections and trends and coveted at least one of the pieces
presented. But, as far as trends go, one that made a big splash was the
romantic trend. Designers all over the world united in bringing the
ultra-feminine back to life this spring. Therefore, here are 5 amazing dresses
from their collections that may serve you as shopping inspiration this season
and how to wear them.

Tadashi Shoji’s emotional dresses

The word “emotional” was not chosen lightly. It is actually
the word used to describe the collection he presented for Spring 2016. He
wanted us to look at his dresses and smell the faint rain scent that lingers in
the air after a spring shower.
As far as visuals go, he tried to inspire through his
dresses the idea of pebbled paths, worn with moss in a Japanese garden. Flower
canopies were extremely important in his present collection.
Here is a superb example of a white maxi dress, lightly covered in green and
black flowers. The effect truly is mesmerizing. The dress really is like cold
rain falling on rocks and grass from a white-clouded sky. You can wear this
dress with flat strappy sandals, loose hair and very little make-up.

Valentino goes tribal

Romantic dresses don’t necessarily have to mean flowers, so
don’t get caught up in the routine. Valentino, for example, took the romantic
trend to the runway with a very bold move – the romantic tribal dress. This
means that the iconic fashion house basically combined maxi, flowing dresses
with tribal patterns.
He added feathers, fur and metallic colors, in order to
create an edgy look. It reminds the on-looker of nights in the desert sands,
cold and clean-cut, thanks to the straight line and sharp angles he used. You
can easily pair this dress off with another hottie from this season’s runways, the
leather backpack.
Go for a petite one. And remember this look is all about
travelling and being comfortable. Romantic can also mean earthbound and ready
to go at any moment’s notice.

The Lazaro wedding dress

It’s first on our list because we know spring is wedding
season. And it should actually be called THE Lazaro wedding dress because it’s
absolutely gorgeous. It was presented as part of the Lazaro Spring 2016
collection on the runways and it definitely belongs to the romantic floral
The breath-taking gown is pearl in color, with a creamy
finish on the top layers. This simply makes you want to touch it. It has a
sweet-heart neckline corset, embellished with a myriad of lacy flowers. That
pattern descends onto the large dreamy skirt. And as if that wasn’t enough, the
dress is covered with layer upon layer of tulle, each and every one with a
large border. The optical illusion creates a sense of stripes on this magnificent
ball-gown of a dress.

Blumarine’s androgynous look

Another amazing piece from the Spring 2016 runways you can
get inspired from is Blumarine’s sheer floral dress. The dress in itself as
well as the whole outfit are a perfect example of androgynous
done to perfection. The dress is short,
see-through, has vertical stripes in different shades of gray and some very
beautiful flower appliques.
However, the shape of the dress is clearly inspired from a
man’s classical shirt, loose and buttoned in the front. To top it all off,
Blumarine covered it with a maxi, flowing and very light trench coat. The lines
of the outfit are extremely fluid, making you reminisce not only of gender
defying fashion, but of a mix between urban and rural as well. Choose a pair of
high heels for this outfit, so as to lengthen your figure. A small bag, such as
a clutch should complete the look.

Alberta Ferretti is over-the-top romantic

One of the crowning jewels of the Spring 2016 romantic trend
is definitely Alberta Ferretti’s collection. Here is a ground-breaking example
from her line, this amazing green and gold gown. The inspiration is clearly
taken from indoor architecture a couple of centuries ago. It was designed to
represent a lavishly adorned wall, turquoise in color and complete with flowery
As far as romantic goes, there’s nothing that could top this
particular gown. However, keep in mind you need to wear it on a special
occasion. This means the dress was not meant as street-wear. Choose a pair of
nude high-heels and wear your hair tied back. You do not want anything to steal
focus from the dress.
Extremely soft and elegant, the romantic dresses seemed to
simply float down the catwalks. All of them were worn with minimal hair and
make-up. A simple touch of mascara and liner, coupled with a rosy cheek and lip
will definitely do the trick.

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