6 Tips on Mixing Brown and Black


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Look 1 // Look 2 // Look 3
Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Today I wanted to take the time to show you how to wear brown and
black.  I feel like I’m almost always
wearing brown and black and I don’t even do it on purpose.  A few people that I know think brown and
black are just as big as a faux pas as navy and black, so for today’s post I’m
going to show you how to wear these two colors together in one outfit.  Now I don’t like to call these rules so if I
ever say rules in this post just imagine me saying them in quotes.  I don’t think there should be rules to
fashion because fashion is an art and it is what defines us and our
individuality.  I guess think of these
more as tips than rules.
1.  Keep it Subtle
I usually like to keep it subtle when mixing prints.  I try to stay away from outfits that are
extremely loud and if I want the outfit to pop out, I’ll add one accessory to
make it pop.

2.  Minimal Other Colors
Now I know in the below pictures I do mix with a few
different colors but they are colors that match the brown.  Everything matches with black so the key is
to make sure the brown matches the other colors.  I chose to keep it on the fall/earth tone
color scheme. 

3.  Accessorize
If you aren’t ready to wear brown boots with a black top
because this is too much for you, start off with accessorizing.  Wear a black or brown outfit and add some
accessories whether it be a bangle or necklace. 
You can even add something like tortoise shell or leopard print (which I’ll
get more into later).  Or you can
accessories with something that has elements of black or brown in it.
4.  Tie the Look Together
I don’t follow this rule all of the time, but if you feel
more comfortable definitely do this. 
Either tie the look together by wearing a black outfit with brown boots
and a brown belt, or a brown outfit with black boots and a black bag.  Make sure to have something on the outfit
that matches the other color.  I don’t
always do this but I also don’t really like rules hehe.
5.  Prints (both colors or one of them)
My favorite print to pair with black and brown outfits is
leopard print or anything that has fall colors in it.  I don’t have any leopard print outfits
pictured here but I definitely love using leopard print with this color
mix.  You can also tortoise shell prints.  If you look at the below, the prints in the
scarves I’m wearing in the first and third look are neither leopard nor
tortoise, but they have the fall color scheme.
6.  Confidence
My number one rule for mixing these two colors is the same
for if you’re mixing prints; confidence! 
This is a must to have.  If you
don’t have confidence you will look like you just threw this outfit together in
the dark.  You must own the look in order
to give it the final touch of “yes, I am fierce.”
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  1. Ahhh I love this look so much! I used to hate the idea of black and brown together, but I find myself wanting to combine them more and more lately! Your tips are great. I definitely agree on the accessorizing one- it's easiest to through on brown boots and a bag with a black outfit and vise versa.
    Darling, Dearest

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