Body Positive Post #7: Confidence VS. Society Video


I wanted to take the time to explain why I did this video and what the
purpose is.  In my opinion body
positivity or the BOPO movement is not about just being ok with your body.  I think what society thinks plays a major
role in how we feel about ourselves as a person and our confidence or lack of confidence.  The BOPO movement has gotten a bad reputation
from society itself because people are saying oh it’s just an excuse for “fat
people” to be “fat.”  NO, that is NOT
what this movement is about.  It is about
being comfortable in your own skin, and comfortable being your own individual

This video is supposed to show you the different sides of me
that make me feel confident.  This video
is supposed to show everyone that it’s ok to be confident whether you are
wearing a pair of heels, doing your hair and makeup, working out at the gym,
having a killer body, or just being
your normal #iwokeuplikethis self.  I’ve
gotten negativity/criticism for being too curvy, or being too skinny (when I
lost weight), being too tall, dressing up too much, not dressing up and wearing
yoga pants, wearing makeup, not wearing makeup, doing my hair, not doing my
hair, being a car enthusiast (especially a female one), and the list goes
on.  That last sentence right there is an
example of how you really can’t listen to society because someone is always
going to have something to say. 
Obviously not everyone watched Bambi as a child and understood the
Thumper scene when he says “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say
anything at all.”  Another thing that I
think about, is where these comments are coming from.  Maybe the people saying these mean things are
people who themselves have their own self esteem issues and to feel better they
make fun of you.
A perfect example of lack of confidence and society’s
influence is in Pretty Woman.  The scene
where Julia Roberts walks into the store on Rodeo Drive and they won’t help her
because of what she looks like and they automatically think she can’t afford
it.  This killed her self
esteem/confidence with how uncomfortable she felt.  Then, the next day she walks back in with new
clothes and a bunch of bags yelling BIG MISTAKE!  That is such a great example of how society
views play such an important role in some of the women out there who have a
lack of confidence.  I’m showing all of
you what I look like without hair and makeup done in this video for a
reason.  I actually woke up like this.  I’m working on being confident in my
own skin.  I’m working on being ok with looking at myself
in the mirror with or without makeup.  You
should be too!  Some of the angles in
this video are not the best and do make me look bigger than I actually am but I
decided not to edit these awful angles. 
I also chose this song not just because I love it, but
because for some reason it makes me feel fierce.  Struttin’ my stuff to this song is an

Just remember ladies and gents, you are a beautiful
being.  No matter what size or shape you
are, do not let society and their hurtful words or campaigns/ads hurt you or
bring you down.

It took me a long time to figure out who I am as an individual with society and it definitely played a role on my self confidence.  This video is me (in a nutshell).  It’s who I’ve searched for, for so long.

P.S. If you want to join in on this movement/topic and don’t have a blog just post on Instagram using the hashtag in the title #JGTHBodyPositivity or tag me @JerseyGirlTexanHeart I’d love to read your stories too!


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  1. Loving the positive message that you are putting out there. Confident girls are the prettiest girls. By the way, I'm now hosting a weekly Weekend Wear Friday linkup and would love for you to share your styles. Have a great weekend!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

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