Body Positive Post # 8 : Healthier Choices


In honor of this week’s Valentine’s Day theme I figured this was another perfect addition!  Not only is it pink, but it helps with any of us who like to snack on the most delicious goodies around V-day haha!

Before the end of the year my company started a new type of
wellness program for us to take better care of our health in the coming
year.  They had told us we needed to log
on to a website and fill out the health assessment along with fill out our
profile.  I did just that.  The great part about this website which is
also an app it gives us daily cards which is pretty much just daily advice on
how to make healthier choices, it’s also been extremely educating.  Along with this program they also provided us
with fitness trackers.  I ended up buying
my own (The Jawbone Up2) and I love it because of the style and I mean it’s
pink, how can you beat that?  You may or
may not have seen it in certain pictures.

So why am I putting this under a body positive topic?  The BOPO movement has this reputation that it’s
only an “excuse” for curvy women to feel better about themselves which in my
opinion is not the case.  It is a
movement for ALL women of ALL shapes and sizes to fall in love with themselves
and feel confident in their own skin.  I
decided that since I was unhappy with myself and the way I looked I would start
becoming more mindful of my habits.  I
may not be using my tracker to run marathons or to make sure I burn a certain
amount of calories, it’s more so to make sure I’m getting up and moving, and
that I’m mindful of what I’m doing to my body. 
The Jawbone Up2 actually has a setting where you can have it vibrate
every so often to remind you to get up and move.  Mine is set to every 45 minutes of no
movement to vibrate, that’s when I usually take a quick trip to the bathroom at
work or something of that nature.  I’m
not saying I’m going to go on a crazy diet like I did here on the blog a few
years ago, because yes I did lose my goal weight however I was still
unhappy.  I was counting calories, carbs,
and sugars like a maniac.  Now, I decided
that if I lose weight, I will be happy, but I’m not going to stress if I feel
like eating a burrito from Taco Bell.  I’ve
decided that my weight does not define me as a person.  What I eat does not define me as a person.
I also wanted to touch base on a different side of body
positivity for this movement.  People
forget that there are women out there who are constantly struggling to achieve
their dream body.  I know some women who
go to the gym and have UH MAY ZINNNGGG bodies and they still don’t see what
everyone else does.  These women have
this ideal body that they are working towards, just like most of us and they
work extremely hard to achieve it.  I
wanted to start this BOPO movement here on the blog because I wanted to open up
people’s eyes.  This movement is not just
an excuse for women who have curves to feel better about themselves.  There are women out there who have the
perfect body in society’s eyes and still don’t feel comfortable in their own
With all of that being said, here’s to a healthier year and
to feeling comfortable in your own skin!

Also, don’t forget to check out my BOPO video on my YouTube Channel!

P.S. If you want to join in on this movement/topic and don’t have a blog just post on Instagram using the hashtag in the title #JGTHBodyPositivity or tag me @JerseyGirlTexanHeart I’d love to read your stories too!


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  1. My company is doing something similar, but with fitbits. They are rolling it out to different areas over time.

    I think it's important to make just little changes to b healthier – doesn't have to be completely overhauling your life, just do tings to treat your body right and never worry about numbers on a scale. You have a great outlook! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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