How to Wear Leopard Print and a LINKUP


Scarf:  Zara // Blazer: Gucci // Pants:  Burberry // Shoes:  Nine West (old)
I guess this is where I show my Jersey Girl side.  I feel like whenever someone sees leopard print
they immediately associate it with a Jersey Girl.  I’ve been told that a lot believe it or not,
however I’m glad that I’ve seen leopard print everywhere as the new neutral.  I personally love it and have loved it for
quite some time, however I’ve always been careful with how I style it.  It’s so easy to overdo it with leopard print
and look like you’re trying too hard.  I
have no problem wearing a top that is all leopard print or even a dress that is
all leopard print but I will accessorize a certain way.  For this look I chose to wear my leopard
print scarf that’s Zara.  I bought it
last year from my blogger bestie on her eBay, she didn’t know I was buying it
from her but I figured I would support her even if it’s with a few bucks since
she also bought from my Etsy shop. 
Anyway, I love love love this scarf. 
Everything about it is so perfect. 
It’s leopard print, huge, and keeps me warm, but also adds a little
somethin’ extra to any outfit.  With this
outfit I wore it with a blazer, some nice skinnies, and my heels.  This is something I would wear to the
office.  See, you can still dress up with
your own twang even in the office.
I also wanted to show other subtle ways to incorporate
leopard print into your wardrobe.  I know
not everyone would enjoy wearing a huge leopard print scarf like this, because
that is a WHOLE LOTTA LEOPARD.  However,
this print is the new neutral so take a look at a few ways to show off a little
attitude with print.
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For look 1 I chose to wear the same scarf with a blazer, hat, black pants, and boots.  I love this picture probably mostly because it’s snowing, but because it’s all black and then you have the pop of print which is noticeable from far away.  In look 2 I wore an extremely skinny leopard print scarf.  You can tie this, or just hang it to make it look like an effortless look.  In look 3 you can barely see the leopard print in my shoes.  This is a great look for the office if you are looking for some spunk.  With look 4 I wore the big scarf again, but with a more casual outfit.  I paired it with an oversized top and faux leather leggings. 
This was my blogiversary outfit.  It was probably one of my favorites here on the blog.  I wore leopard print with my shoes, and also a subtle leopard print in my necklace.  
Now, let’s move on to the linkup!
Before I move on to the most clicked and favorites, I want to introduce today’s co-host!
Hello Everyone and thanks to Monica for letting me co-host this week’s link up with her! My name is Christina and I am the blogger behind Simple and Delish. I am currently living in Philadelphia, PA with my adorable cat, Belle. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling, decorating my new home and long distance running. I finished my 5th Half Marathon in 2015 and I am looking forward to completing #6 in 2016!   
Before we get into the linkup I want to list the Most Clicked from last week and my top 3 favorites!
Most Clicked:  Lawyer Lookbook

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
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  1. That oversized scarf is stunning. I love that you created a black suit look with separates. The scarf definitely stands out more. Also love your blogiversary look. And I love all your favorites from last week, especially the hot pink dress.

    P.S. I would love to co-host again, by the way.

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