Pink and Black Negative Space Nail Art


I’ve been on a negative space kick the past few weeks and
this is my second negative space mani in less than a month.  I don’t know what it is but I just find
something fun about it.  I wanted to
attempt the lace look and of course pairing it with pink was my first
choice.  I also figured it would be
perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday that is slowly approaching. 
This mani was actually a lot easier than I had originally expected.  I used a nail art pen, the one that looks
like a needle as the part where the polish comes out.  I swear by those pens, they are easy to use
and the best if you like freehanding like myself.  This was not stenciled, I prefer to freehand
rather than use stencils and striping tape. 

Happy Monday folks!

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