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Hat:  CN Direct // Vest:  Ralph Lauren // Top:  Burberry // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Flats:  Kate Spade
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I love this quote “Don’t let anyone treat you like a yellow
starburst, you are a pink starburst.”  I
know some people disagree like the boyfriend because for some reason he likes
the yellow ones the most.  He usually
gets the yellow ones from my starburst bag. 
I stick to the pink ones.  Anyway,
regardless of which side of the argument you’re on, mine or boyfriend’s, the
quote itself should have a little praise. 
Most people I know do in fact like pink starburst the most, and it’s
true to not let anyone treat you poorly. 
Now I also chose to add this quote because I’m dressed in so much pink
today!  I love the color pink if you
couldn’t tell and today, I’m layered in it.
The pink vest was featured here on the blog a few weeks ago,
as pictured above.  This time I wanted to
switch it up and make it more girly and more pink so I added white pants with a
mixed hue plaid top and of course topped off with the pink hat.  I don’t usually wear hats that often in the
winter even though I know I should because it gets cold but this hat has been
getting so much love lately.  It’s warm
but it’s also adorable with the little pom pom.
I wanted to wear my Kate Spade flats again because
unfortunately with how cold it’s been they haven’t gotten too much love but I
really love these flats.  They were tight
at first but once I wore them in they were absolutely perfect!  I love that they are patent black leather and
they have the adorable bow.  These can be
worn multiple ways, they’ve already made their appearance at my work Christmas
party and my high school reunion.  The
fact that they are black patent gives them a little extra spunk so they can be dressed
up or down.  However you feel like
dressing that day.

Anywhoo, it’s time for the link up!  Have a wonderful Wednesday my little

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