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Poncho:  Newchic // Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Bag:  Burberry
I feel like I wear ponchos and capes here on the blog a
lot.  It’s probably because it’s the
easiest casual outfit that’s still warm and fashionable.  It’s almost like putting on a sweatshirt only
a little trendier.  Trust me, I love
sweatshirts and live in them at home, but this poncho is such an easy way for
me to dress casually in style.  I like
the fact that this poncho has this collar because you can button it up and it
covers your neck in these cold winter days. 
Now, when I got this poncho from Newchic it came with the sides sewn
together, enough for arm holes.  This
would be ok for someone who was thinner than me, but I like really lose fitting
and I don’t like feeling stuck to anything. 
That’s why I took a seam ripper and I decided I didn’t want to have the
arm holes.  The best part about doing
that was when I went to go put on a jacket I turned this poncho into a scarf so
that I could fit my arms in the arm holes without having it all bunch up.  I did buy a size up over at Newchic because
when I started measuring it looked as though they run small.  Yesterday’s sweater is also a size bigger.
I wanted to make a small announcement here on the blog.  It’s still up in the air and it’s not 100%
set in stone yet, but I’ve finally decided what I want to do my PhD in.  As most of you know, I graduated with my MBA
back in 2012 and I decided I wanted to wait and work a little bit, and also
have a more mature mind before I went back for my PhD.  I never went to school for anyone but myself
so this degree is more for me (and a running bet with my grandma) than for work
opportunities or anything of that nature. 
With all of the personal things that have gone on and how I’ve handled
the situations and the people they involve, I feel that my program of choice
would be psychology.  I always loved my
psychology classes in high school and college, I actually took them as
electives.  It always interested me with
the way the mind works.  The brain is a
complicated thing and I would love to learn more about it.  Psychology was also my mom’s degree of choice
when she went back to school (she had graduated college in Poland but that degree
didn’t transfer to America 100%) but then once she was almost done with her
first semester she found out she was pregnant with my brother.  She was pleased when I told her that this was
the direction I wanted to go in.  When I
told my dad I actually made a joke saying that Grandma will be excited because
it’s a form of medicine.  She always
wanted me to be a doctor, or a surgeon. 
Psychology isn’t the same, but it’s medicine of the mind.  It’s figuring out what really goes on in the
brain.  It is the command center for
us.  I don’t know when I will go back to
school, it might within a year or it might be in 10 years.  I know I do want to go back but I’ve finally
decided what direction I want to go in which was on my mind ever since I
graduated with my MBA.  I kept toying
with all of these ideas and thought I couldn’t do anything non business related
because that’s what my Bachelor’s and Master’s were in, but I think I’ve
decided to take the plunge and do this. 
I felt like I needed to tell someone, and who other than my parents and
my readers!
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  1. I like a good poncho myself, it is so easy to wear and you've got a nice checkered one. Good luck on pursuing your PhD in psychology, I'm sure your family will be proud.

    p.s. I'm hosting a regular Friday link up on my blog so make sure you stop by.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  2. Thank you so much gorgeous for featuring my purple poncho! You know I a a sucker for ponchos so absolutely in love with yours!! The colors are so rich with the boots!! You look so pretty!!

  3. I don't wear ponchos in the winter because I can't put a jacket on and our climate is too cold to just wear a poncho without a jacket. I never thought of wearing it as a scarf under the poncho. That is brilliant!

  4. What a gorgeous look! The snow scene looks really beautiful and the brown tones of your outfit contrast perfectly 🙂 The style of these boots is really great too.. ahh, I just love everything!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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