Valentine’s Day Nails with Newchic


If you saw my posts from last week (here and here) you
already know that I worked with a brand called Newchic.  Well, for today’s post, the rhinestones, well
not really rhinestones but you get the idea are from Newchic.  I love these because they bend a little bit
so when I put them on my nails they almost curve with my nail.  I also decided to go for a matte finish with
my nails so I felt like these had just enough shine to tie the whole nail art
design together.

I’ve been really obsessed with gray lately.  Gray clothes, gray accessories, gray nails,
even my walls are gray but that was done over the summer.  I feel like it may be the new black/neutral
for me.  Anywho, stay tuned for more
Valentine’s Day posts!

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