5 for Friday

All moved In
Finally!  Move in day
is done and over with!  Who knew it would
be so stressful, and so demanding on your body. 
I was sore for about 2 days after and thanks to the time change I felt
so extremely fatigued that I left work early on Monday thinking I was catching
a cold.  Note to self, make sure to
request off the day after move in weekend next time!  Now, if you look above that is the dining
room set I would like to get from Ikea. 
I’ve been purchasing things for the apartment in small increments so I
don’t rack up my bills before I even get a chance to enjoy and bask in my
wonderful home.  It’s nice being out of
my house, and the best part is I’m not too far from home so if I ever need
anything it’s not that far.  Lilly has
been slowly adjusting to the apartment. 
Tuesday was the first day I left her all alone without being in her
crate while I was at work.  Thankfully
she didn’t ruin ANYTHING!  I’m so glad
that she did so well. 

Lilly’s Birthday Monday
Speaking of Lilly. 
Her 6th birthday is Monday. 
Last year I did a little birthday post because she crossed the 5 year
milestone so this year I’ll probably get her a little something and leave it at
that.  It’s been so crazy with the move
that I didn’t even realize her birthday was Monday.  Oh for those of you wondering Lilly is my
puggle haha.
New Things
So I ordered quite a few things and received some this
week.  I got my Boosted Bows bow for my
car last weekend, just in time for move in. 
I also ordered some shoes from Shopbop because I was in desperate need
of some flats, AND I ordered some things from Target to make my kitchen a
little homier.  I’ve  decided that my kitchen will be rooster
themed.  Well, maybe mostly country
themed but I figured a rooster was a great way to start.  Like I said before, that all in good time the
apartment will come together.  It will
finally be home for me once I furnish it and everything.  So if any of you have any awesome DIY’s (I’m
thinking of making a pallet couch and I have a patio so I need lots of planter
ideas) for anything home related please let me know!

Internet and TV
I’m FINALLY getting internet and TV today!  I have been disconnected somewhat, minus my
phone but thanks to no internet my stupid data is already at 50% (after a
week!) because of blogging duties.  I’ve
been blogging from my phone or from work. 
I wish Verizon didn’t get rid of unlimited data, y’all should bring that
back thank you very much!
Adore me Giveaway
If you saw my Instagram post from last weekend I uploaded a
layout to enter into an @AdoreMe lingerie Giveaway! 
All you have to do is make an outfit with a bra/lingerie and make it
your own.  I decided to go with casual
and comfortable because that was taken the morning of move in day so I wanted
to be comfy.  Tag @AdoreMe and use
hashtag #everydaylingerie along with sharing the post on your blog!

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8 thoughts on “5 for Friday”

  1. I'm also a pup mom to a Lily! Our Lily is spelled differently and we typically call our girl Lil 🙂 Your Lilly is super cute, pass on a happy birthday from us!

    I want to see these kitchen accessories! And that's such a cute Instagram post, I'm going to look you up right now!

  2. It's so relieving when you have finished unpacking and everything is nearly in it's right place(give it a few months) I can't believe it is Lilly's 6th birthday already It seems like yesterday she turned 5 :O

    Meme xx

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  3. Your baby is so adorable…and happy belated birthday to her! Congratulations on the new place! I hope that you have a ball furnishing and decorating it…especially your rooster kitchen! There is so much to work with with roosters and a country theme, I bet you'll be overloaded with cool ideas! Have you decided on main colors for your kitchen yet?

  4. Monica, I love your blog! I have a blog called Wear Wag Repeat, about fashion, dogs and DIY and I'm working on starting a link up for fashion/lifestyle bloggers who have dogs. I'd love it if you'd participate! If you're interested shoot me an email tmistick@gmail.com and I"ll make sure to send you the details when I figure it out. Thanks!!

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