Oversized Shirt:  Burberry // Pants:  Burberry // Flats:  Tory Burch
For today’s post, I wanted to not just show you my outfit,
but share my thoughts on a certain topic. 
Since I’ve moved out and gotten an apartment I have been feeling more
independent (that’s obvious) and more accomplished.  I feel like I finally have my life on the
right path.  I can finally be my own
person and I’ve already come to find out that apparently I secretly love
cleaning, I literally clean everything in the apartment and my kitchen is clean
at all times.  I had this same feeling of
accomplishment when I got my car and everything was in my name with no
cosigner.  It has nothing to do with
paying bills or anything like that because I’ve had my own phone bill since my
senior year of college, and student loans since graduation, on top of any other
bills like credit cards, car payments, insurance, etc. 
For all of the curveballs life has thrown at me over the
past few months since my accident I honestly feel like I just threw this one
right back at life.  I won this time
around.  I made it.  Getting this apartment wasn’t just me moving
out of my parent’s house.  It was me starting
a new chapter.  That’s why it was an
accomplishment, because four years ago I moved out to Texas and thought that
was going to be it for me, that I was finally out on my own living life.  I was obviously wrong and ended up right back
at home with my parents.  I’m not saying
living with my parents was bad, because it really wasn’t.  I was able to save because my rent that I
paid was really only what covered my food for the month and my parents took me
back in with open arms and allowing me to bring Lilly (my fur child) with me.
I was never one to take hand outs and still won’t do
it.  I don’t like things being handed to
me on a silver platter, and if I am given something I genuinely appreciate it
no matter how dumb, little, or not my style it is.  For example even if someone was to give me a
piece of clothing that isn’t really me, I will find a way to wear it and make
it my style.  Did my parents spoil my
brother and I growing up?  Yes, they
definitely did because we had more than most of our friends.  My parents sacrificed a lot to give us as
much as they could.  My parents sent us
on vacations to the motherland to learn about Poland and to meet our family
while they stayed behind because financially we couldn’t all go as a family at
that time.  My mom made the ultimate sacrifice
of becoming a stay at home mom.  No
offense to my dad but she DEFINITELY runs the household.  Instead of furthering her career here in the
U.S. she chose to stay home.  We were
fortunate enough to only need one income at the time, and then once both my
brother and I got older, my mom ventured into developing her own business.  She’s kind of a boss lady, I learn from the best,
what can I say?
I come from two hard working parents who have told me their
life story numerous times.  They left
their home and came to a new country with $5 in their pocket, my mom actually
had $10 because my dad spent five on a beer for his newly found Swedish friend
on the boat ride over here to America. 
My parents never took handouts from anyone.  They never asked anyone for help and that’s
how I am.  I’m glad to have struggled a
little bit in my short 28 years.  It
taught me to learn how to depend on myself, and always keep striving for more
and better.  It taught me to NEVER GIVE
UP, no matter how hard it is.  That’s why
I continue to blog.  It helps me almost
find myself.  It helps me feel
accomplished because I’ve met so many people through this blogging community
and I’ve met so many inspiring women. 
With all of that being said, I will never take the easy way
out.  I like a challenge.  I like feeling accomplished. 
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5 thoughts on “Accomplishments”

  1. Great post, you are very inspiring. ( I hope it inspires me to become a clean freak 😝 ) Congrats on all your accomplishments. Love your outfit, especially those Tory flats

    Brian 😊

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Thanks for telling us more about your life. I just realized we have more in common, since my parents also came from a small European country (Albania) with close to no money and they both raised us well and made sure my brother and I had a great life.

    On a style note, this outfit is simple but so chic. I love the shirt with the plaid cuffs.

    You can still link up with me for this week's "Thursday Moda" linkup. The linkup is open below. I would love to have you join it. Thanks. =)

    Happy April! Ada. =))

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