Black and Blue Contrasts


Top:  INC (Macy’s, old) // Leggings:  Marshalls (old) // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson (Marshalls, old) // Extensions:  Irresistible Me
This week will be the last week y’all see me with blonde
hair!  Next week I’m starting with all of
my brunette outfits.  I’m going to be
honest, I’m not that sad to see my blonde hair go as I thought I might be.  I thought I would regret it, but I needed to
do it.  I needed a change.  With everything going on in my life, I needed
that one little act of rebellion and shock. 
So, I grabbed some brown hair dye and changed my hair.  I’m a few shades lighter than my natural hair
color (yes, I’m naturally really dark) but hey, for the time being it’ll
Today’s outfit is was part of my BOPO video I posted on my
YouTube.  I didn’t really get any
feedback on it, but I’m still glad that I did it.  The one thing that I’m trying to work on is
being more positive about myself.  I’m
not stressing over that extra pound that’s showing up on the scale.  If my pants don’t fit, I WILL make them fit
by laying on the bed and breaking two nails to zip up that zipper.  Ok, maybe not all my pants, just one pair is
a little snug and yes I did in fact break a nail a few times trying to zip up
pants.  Sometimes the zipper gets stuck haha.  I’m working on being ok if I have a little
bit of extra skin showing.  I was never a
string bean, but I used to be very skinny and I took care of myself.  Lately I’ve been starting to do a few small
exercises in my room at night just to at least attempt to turn the clocks back
with this weight gain, but for what I eat I’m actually surprised I’m not a lot
bigger.  I’m coming to terms with the
fact that apparently at 28 is when your metabolism sucks the most.  You know what though, I’m ok with it.  There are days where I don’t feel
comfortable, but at the same time why should I feel that way?  So what if someone calls me a nasty name or
mumbles something under their breath. 
Maybe they need to do that to feel better about themselves. 
Wow, way to go off topic! 
Anyway, I’ve actually worn almost the exact same outfit here on the blog
over a year ago when I had short kind of brown hair.  This black and blue sweater is great because
you can wear it with leggings, faux leather leggings like the ones pictured
above, or regular pants.  The best part
is you can be more dark and mysterious by adding more dark/black elements.  So that’s what I decided to do here.  I put on my dark lipstick, some black all
over and bright blue shoes.  I love that
this comes with a belt already, but you can also change the belt which I’ve
also done.  Or if you wear this sweater
with pants, you can just wear it open. 
Below is the BOPO video I mentioned before from my YouTube channel!
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