Blogger Bestie Meetup, Consulting, and a LINKUP


Lipstick:  Born Pretty Store // Sweater: Newchic // Leggings:  Marshalls (old) // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson (Marshalls, old) // Scarf:  Zara
So many things to talk about in today’s post!  First and foremost if you follow me on social
media I met with my blogger bestie last month. 
We went to Camillo’s in Kutztown, PA which was our go to spot for our
first two meetups.  I eat the same thing
every time, mozzarella sticks and fettuccine alfredo.  We actually went there on our first blogger
date two years ago!  Now my friend Ellen
(pictured above) from Ask Away Blog wrote a book!  It’s an easy read about fixing your
finances.  She was in a massive amount of
debt ($25k worth of credit card debt) and now she is debt free AND bought her
first house!  I’d have to say that her
methods really did work.  Once I started
reading this book I kept thinking she’s right. 
Everything she wrote in there was spot on.  Now this book is not just for fixing your
finances if you’re in debt, but also maintaining a healthy budget if you are in
a good financial situation.  She goes in
depth with what worked for her.  I highly
recommend this book, like I said it’s an easy read and it has LOTS of
information.  Plus, it comes from a real
person who actually dug herself out of a hole of debt, so she’s speaking from
experience.  You can buy her book below:

Fixing Your Finances | A Practical Guide to Managing Money and Eliminating Debt

Now, moving on to an announcement that I made on Friday, in
case you missed it!  I have started my
own blog consulting!  Yes, you read that
right.  Now, the consulting is about the
basics of blogging and it really goes in full detail.  I talk about things that I wish I knew when I
started blogging, and how I cringe when I see some past posts with all of the
mistakes I made.  This consulting is for
anyone who wants to start a blog.  I
wrote a 14 page Blogging 101 packet that will be available to you for just
$5.  I have other packages as well that
include a Skype session along with the packet which will cost $20 and if you
want to take it one step further and have me help you with setting everything
up and installing certain things in the packet that will be available for
$30.  Now this is just for the basics and
it’s about how to start a blog, what to do in the beginning since I learned
from my mistakes.  I’ve already done this
for one person so far and their blog is still in the making.  I’m excited to start this journey and hope to
work with some of you reading this!  If
you want more details about this Blogging Basics Consulting you can click here
or watch the below video.

Now moving on to the linkup.

Here are the most clicked on bloggers from last week!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up


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21 thoughts on “Blogger Bestie Meetup, Consulting, and a LINKUP”

  1. So many great things in one post. Ellen's book sounds great. You rock edgy makeup and blue lips. Your fur leopard scarf and serenity sweater are pretty.

    I am glad last week's linkup was one of the biggest. I hope having me as your co-host helped. Don't forget to link up with me tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. Wohooo for meeting with your blogging bestie, that's really nice! I wish I lived close to my blogging buddies. And YAY on starting doing some consulting, that's SUPER nice and I bet extremely helpful!
    BTW…you are rocking the look above!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  3. That's so awesome that you have a blog bestie!! I'll have to check out her blog! Love your outfit and love the lip color!! =)

    Congrats on the annoucement!! I will definitely be checking out that video!! Thank you for the link-up! =) Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

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