Blue Lipstick and Smokey Eye with Tape YouTube Tutorial


I am introducing a new way that I’ve been doing my eye makeup AND I am testing out blue lipstick for the first time ever!  I’m trying this whole grunge glam trend, and to be honest I’m loving it.  I talked about a few products that I reviewed from Born Pretty Store in this tutorial.  Now just to let everyone be aware, I am by no means a makeup expert, guru, or artist.  I saw a post on Facebook a few weeks ago talking about how a lot of vloggers think they are experts but are actually ridiculous (as per the article).  To be honest, I think that if you found something that works for you, by all means show cyber world.  Who cares if you aren’t an expert?  It’s what works for you.  That’s why for today’s post, this is just what I would do, and it’s what works for me.  I never went to school for makeup, I’ve only ever tested out techniques and products on myself and watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials!
Product List Face:
Eyes: Covergirl & Olay The Depuffer Eye Concealer Color 310 Fair
Face: Covergirl CG Smoothers Color 710 Classic Ivory
Face: Physician’s Formula Mineral Lose Powder
Highlighter: Flower
Contouring/Bronzer: Mary Kay Color Medium Dark
Blush: Covergirl Color 540 Rose Silk
Product List Eyes:
Eyeshadow: The Nudes by Maybelline & Born Pretty Store 
Eyeliner: NYC
Liquid Liner: NYC 
Mascara: Borghese (from Ellen at Ask Away Blog)
Eye Cream and Eyelashes: Born Pretty Store (Eyelashes)
Product List Lips:

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