Cuticle Tattoos


This is my first time ever using cuticle tattoos.  I’ve seen them all over social media and
never tried them but then Born Pretty Store gave me the opportunity to test
them out.  I LOVE THEM!  They give such an edge to your nails.  I decided to go with a very simple design, which
was white, gray, and black ombre.  Later
this week (on Thursday) I’m also introducing some more products from Born
Pretty Store in a tutorial!
Now, I’ve been into this whole grunge glam trend.  I can’t really pull it off too much because I’m
so used to wearing light colors, but now that I have my dark hair I like to be
more dark and mysterious.  So that’s why
my style has changed a little bit.  I’m
starting to like black so much more, and no it’s not just because it’s
slimming.  Regardless, that’s why I chose
to finally test out these cuticle tattoos.  

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