Dripping in Gold and a LINKUP with a Co-host


Jacket:  Old // Shoes:  Nine West old // Dress:  Ralph Lauren
In my BOPO video that I uploaded on YouTube a few weeks ago,
I timed it perfectly with this outfit where the song says “I walk into the
room, dripping in gold.”  I of course did
that purposely and was very proud that it was timed and everything turned out
good.  I love this black dress because of
the way it is bunched up on the bottom and it’s fitted everywhere else.  The great thing about it, is I can dress this
up for a night out, or dress it casually for work, or dress it down for
brunch.  It’s such a versatile dress, and
of course it’s black, so it can be one of my many LBD’s. 
This is my last outfit post with blonde hair!  I feel like one chapter in my blog is closing
and another one is opening.  I know that
sounds corny but the blonde was fun for a bit, but the brown is definitely more
me.  I’m naturally a dark brunette so I feel
so much better.  I will say though, the
blonde really did catch my attention than my brown hair.  That’s ok with me though, I’m not one to like
attention like that, it makes me feel awkward. 
The reason behind me changing my hair is actually a bunch of
reasons.  First and foremost a lot has
been going on in my life that I needed a change.  I needed something to be able to say I can
start over, even if it was just a different hair color.  I also started feeling down on myself on my
appearance, and even though I received a lot of attention with the blonde hair,
I felt like I was pretending to be someone else.  In the beginning it was fun because here’s
new hair, it’s REALLY blonde and I’m a different person.  Since everything has gotten hectic lately, I
feel like I needed to get back to my roots, literally.  So, here’s to starting a new chapter, as my
old self.  This is me, and I’m not sure
how long this hair color will be around for, but at least for the time being it
fits what I need in my life.  Also, all the way at the bottom of this post is the BOPO video I was referencing in this post!
Now, moving on to the linkup!

Today we have a cohost!

Hi. I am Ada, a part-time office worker and a mom to a three-year old little girl and I blog at Elegance and Mommyhood. I just recently re-designed the entire look of my blog and I am glad to show it to you all. Also, this week, while I co-host with the lovely Monica, I am styling Blanket Scarves and showing you different ways to wear one, all week long. So, welcome by and stay a while. Thank you.

Now, this week I wanted to change it up a bit since picking favorites is starting to becoming challenging.  There are so many favorites that I can’t pick!  So, this week I’m going to bring you the top most clicked blogger followed by the next 2 most clicked on.  Thank you so much for linking up with me every week, y’all are the best!
First up, we have Ms Chanda.  She was top clicked on last week and I can see why!  The contrast in the black and white and those shoes!
Moving on to the next most clicked on bloggers from last week.
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up



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25 thoughts on “Dripping in Gold and a LINKUP with a Co-host”

  1. LOVE, I adore a drop waist dress. Come link up with us today for a new link up on 14 blogs called Style Perspectives!! All need to see this great, hot look on you gorgeous!!

  2. Loved the video, everybody is different, and I love your outfits, especially the first one with the blue cardigan. I'm so excited my post last week was one of the most clicked 🙂 Thanks for sharing it here.

  3. I love the fit and flare unique design of this LBD. The trumpet skirt rocks. It is such a pretty and versatile dress. Love it with the OTK boots. Also, I loved you as a blonde but you look fantastic as a natural brunette and I am glad you closed off a not so good chapter and started a new, happier one.

    So happy to be your co-host today, on the first day of my blog rebranding too. Also, please join my own very first linkup tomorrow. Thank you Monica. 🙂

  4. Love the drop waist on the dress Monica and the little cardi with the pretty jewels. As far as hair, I think you look great with both, long and short, brown or blonde. I know there are times we need a change. You are lucky you can wear your hair different shades and short/long as not everyone can. It is most important that we do what is best for ourselves and makes us feel good.
    XO jess

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