Easter Dress and a LINKUP!


Blazer:  Marshalls // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson (Marshalls) // Dress:  Ralph Lauren // Bag:  Gucci
I love a good blazer, especially if it’s a fun color like
this one.  As most people know pink is my
favorite color and pink/black is my favorite color combination.  The color combination of my car is pink and
black.  This dress was featured in my
BOPO video on my YouTube channel.  The
best part about this dress is it’s flattering. 
Someone like me who is constantly worried about something not looking
good, this dress is perfect.  The bottom
is my favorite.  Let’s not forget that it’s
black, so black is flattering on everyone. 
I figured this dress would be perfect for Easter morning
because it gives you a little extra room to eat (part of the Polish tradition
is to eat) and the pink blazer easily covers up any other problem/non
flattering areas that you have.  On
Easter Sunday I will be going to my parents for breakfast.  I usually love Easter the most because I get
to eat as many eggs as my heart desires! 
Anyway, I’d like to move on to the linkup.  Since my internet wasn’t turned on until
Friday of last week, I wasn’t able to upload the most clicked from the previous
link up, so for today you will have the top clicked from both link up’s!


I wanted to make an announcement about the
Pinterest Linkup Board.  With the move
and everything I’ve been slacking with the linkup and keeping up with the
Pinterest Board.  What I’ve decided to do
is I will only pin the top 3 most clicked bloggers to the Pinterest Board and
if you would like you can request an invite to be a collaborator on the
board.  Or you can just send me an email (mejmoda [at] gmail [dot] com) if it’s easier that way and we will set it up.  

Now moving on to the top clicked from 3.9.16 and 3.17.16!

Top Clicked on 3.9.16 Posh Classy Mom

2nd Top Clicked on 3.9.16 Fashion and Food and Other Stuff

Third Top clicked on 3.9.16 I do deClaire
Top clicked on 3.17.16 A world of dresses

Second top clicked on 3.17.16 Style Diary by Osy

Third top clicked on 3.17.16 Mary Murnane
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
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19 thoughts on “Easter Dress and a LINKUP!”

  1. Wow I cannot believe I was the most clicked from 3.17! That is super exciting!

    I love the mix of hot pink and black here. I just love that statement necklace!


  2. I am glad the internet is back up now. That dress is gorgeous and like you said very flattering. Dying over your hot pink blazer and that bag though. And you look so glam and so good with your dark hair and combo of hot pink with purple.

    Love the first 3 most clicked looks of the first previous week! Welcome by and linkup with me today, too. Thanks, Ada. =)

    Happy Thursday!!

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