Getting Ready for Prom

Hot pink and black

Dress 1

I love the combination of pink and black, especially hot
pink and black.  When I went to prom I
never went above and beyond with my dresses, I always like to keep them
simple.  I was never the girl who wanted
the poofy Cinderella dress.  I went for
simple yet chic and accessorized to the max to get a glam feel.  That’s why when I saw these evening dresses uk under 100 I was thrilled to take a look and do some shopping, even if I’m not going to prom.  With this dress, since it’s so elegant but
yet hot pink I wanted to go with contrasting accessories.  Black was my main pick.  You can always accessorize your own way, but
black is just fitting to my personality. 
This is probably my favorite of the three just because it’s hot pink, so
the dress alone makes a statement but the black contrast makes it pop even

This is such an elegant old Hollywood glamour look.  It’s so light and the dress is gorgeous.  Do you see the detail on that?  I kept it really glamorous and lots of shine.  To be honest if I was still young enough to
go to prom this would make me feel like a princess.  It also has somewhat of a boho feel so for
those girls who aren’t into poofy glammed up dresses, this one is also a good
pick.  The accessories matched the color
theme of the dress to keep it really feminine.  
If you want to go for a black dress this one is
perfect.  It’s tasteful, and it has
lace.  The great part about this dress is
it’s a classic.  It’s the type of dress
that you can wear again.  Even if you
have to alter it somehow, it’s perfect. 
This dress is also extremely elegant and it’s versatile.  Another positive to this dress is it can be
accessorized in so many different ways due to it being black.  You can have this fit your personality any
way you’d like.