Cardigan:  Newdress // Boots:  Hunter
I got these Hunter boots a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t
decide between black matte, black patent, or pink patent.  I ended up going with the matte black because
it was different from your regular hunter rain boot.  I’m definitely not disappointed with my
decision!  I like that nowadays wearing
rain boots isn’t just for rain, but also as a fashion statement.  I only have one other pair of rain boots
which are my Ralph Lauren ones, but these are my first pair of Hunter
boots!  I was very excited when these
came in the mail because what girl wouldn’t be excited over something
delivering to your front door and it’s something you bought?!  I swear the UPS truck is like the grown up
ice cream truck haha!
This is my first outfit with my blue lipstick.  I’ve been wearing this lipstick a lot (not to
work of course) and I love it!  I
received this from Born Pretty Store as a review.  Stay tuned to Thursday’s post, it will have a
tutorial on how to wear blue lipstick, or if you just want to hop on over to my
YouTube channel to see it right now.  My
blogger bestie’s boyfriend actually said that I needed to be put on oxygen
because my lips were turning blue when she uploaded our picture together!  Haha, I just about died when I read that
comment.  It was definitely a good
one.  See over the years I’ve learned to
not take jokes to heart.  You know what,
it was a good joke!  Props to him for
saying that.  I think nowadays people get
offended too easily.  I myself have also
fallen into this category with a few limited things.  I used to get all riled up and then I would calm
myself down and say, is this really worth getting upset over?  That’s why now that I’m older when I see
something on Facebook that I don’t like I just keep scrolling.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,
even if it is a hurtful one.  That doesn’t
mean that if someone says something offensive to me directly I’m not going to
stick up for myself.

Anyway, today’s look is really casual.  I’ve been feeling casual lately, probably
because I’m always doing something, so being casual, and comfy is key for me
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9 thoughts on “Hunter”

  1. It's almost Spring time here and I'm definitely wearing my Hunter boots as well!
    I love yours though, it's kind of a matte finish. Oh! I like your blue lips!

    Much love

  2. Girl you rock blue lipstick and that comment was funny and good. I am loving the New Hunters. I still need a pair (two perhaps). I probably want glossy red ones and matte olive ones or matte black ones. I just recently bought a similar scarf from Nordstrom and like you I am excited to get my UPS package from Nordstrom with all the goodies I ordered lol.

    P.S. Don't forget to link up some of your recent posts with me. The linkup is still open till tonight. Link up every Thursday please. Thanks so much.

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