Top Five Fun Wedding Photographs

Top Five Fun
Wedding Photographs Every Wants
In the
Instagram-obsessed generation of weddings, photographs have taken on a whole
new meaning. Gone are the traditional poses, while quirky snaps and the chance
to be unique dominate most wedding shoots.
With this in
mind, here are the top five photograph trends that every bride wants on her
wedding day.
1) The
Photos of the
bride and her bridesmaids getting ready are an essential part of the day, but
it doesn’t just have to be a few snaps of you dressed and ready to go. Photos
are your chance to be creative, so capture everything from your make-up
application to the dress hanging on your wardrobe. Buy matching dressing gowns
and get a shot of you and your bridal party before you have your glad rags on,
champagne in hand.
2) The
These can be a
really cute addition to both the bridesmaid photos and the groomsman photos.
Get each of them to hold up a chalkboard in their picture with you, with either
a funny moment from your history together written on them, or their relation to
you. It tells people who they are, but will be a talking point for years to
come when you have to explain the various incidents they’ve written down to
embarrass you.
3) The Photo
This is the
perfect addition to any vintage wedding setting, or garden party theme. If you’re
having any part of your reception outside, hang an old golden frame from a tree
and get people to have their picture taken in it. You can even tie it in with
your theme by adding silly props and wigs for your guests to dress up in. If
you’ve decided on a seaside or carnival theme, you can swap it for a funny
head-in-the-hole board instead.
4) The Photo
This is a great
idea for your evening reception, when people get a little more tipsy and you
still want to capture those drunken moments. A lot of photographer services now
can include a photo booth as part of their packages, such as this wedding photographer in Leeds. Again, you can add props and wigs to
make it more interesting; how about adding some disney princess accessories for
the girls and superhero masks for the guys?
5) The
This can be a
truly stunning photo and is a huge trend at the moment. It’s particularly
effective if you are having an evening reception outside, as you can get more
people involved, but it can equally beautifully as an intimate moment with you
and your groom. When taking your outside shots, wait until it’s dark and get
the sparklers out! You can ask the photographer to do a long-exposure shot, and
either spell your names with sparklers, or do a ring of fire around yourselves.

If you’d like
more ideas for fun wedding snaps, click here. Of, if you have any of your own ideas
you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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